prayer for those, who are battling cancer

unite in prayer

God bless the beloved children of Yours, who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Give them the grace to seek Your help.

Fill their hearts with Divine Peace, even in the face of physical pain and uncertainty.

Help them to experience Your strength in a special way through this time.

Give them a greater sense of hope and faith in The Divine Physician that You are. Remind them of Your Infinite Healing Power.

Help them to embrace Your heavenly perspective, that even this too shall pass.

Remind them that Your love is infinitely more powerful than any illness.

Guard the hearts of their loved ones through this; protect themfrom worry, fill them with faith.

Surround them with a strong support network for every step of this journey, that they may be wrapped in Your love through the presence of others.

Inspire others to provide help with their responsibilities, Lord, so they can rest and focus on healing to the greatest possible extent.

Help them to embrace opportunities to grow spiritually through this time. Cultivate new levels of compassion, wisdom, courage and appreciation for the gift of life.

And most importantly Lord, You know that we want! Please heal them fully. Remove all traces of cancer from their bodies and restore them to perfect health in a dynamic way, as quickly as possible.

Whether through the gifted hands of a doctor or a pure miracle from heaven, we trust that You will take care of the details of their healing in Your perfect timing.

But even more importantly, help them to trust You and and accept Your Divine Plan for their life.

Leave their spirits brighter, more clear and fulfilled than they ever were before this diagnosis, so that whatever the outcome, Your Love can shine through them more than ever before.

Do you or someone you love have cancer? Please share your story in the comments, and we’ll lift you all in prayer!

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“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” – C.C. Scott

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” – Winston Churchill


God's love is stronger than cancer.

God bless those, who have been diagnosed with Cancer.

Cancer is no match for the grace of God


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