Always here

I just want you to know

I’m right here

with you,


Even when I’m the furthest thing from your mind,

I’m in the air you breath-

surrounding you,

illuminating the atmosphere.

In this moment:

Can you feel the sweetness of My presence?

The Truth is:

you’re swimming in Love …

Can you see My angels lounging in perfect peace?

waiting to pour graces like gold

into your soul…

All I need is an invitation from you,

a simple thought –

a prayer.

Even the tiniest innocent opening of your heart

is enough for Me

to say Go.

Even on your craziest days,

when peace is an impossible dream-

if you glance in My general direction.

I can fill you up with Me.

Look for My spirit in the sunshine,

feel for Me in the breeze.

Remember Me in the scratchy grass tickling your feet …

I’m everywhere reminding you:

I’m right here

with you,


waiting for you to say yes.

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