Life’s work

We need more brave souls,

who are willing to undertake the perilous journey

from the safety of their heads

into the wilderness of their hearts.

Don’t worry,

I’m not advocating for losing your mind…

I just want you to know thinking only gets us so far.

There’s an ethereal world out there that we can’t plan for.

Right around the corner,

there are infinite landscapes …

gorgeous pathways of the soul leading to ever more.

You can’t even fathom the beauty until you step out the door,

and I want you to experience every drop of it.

I want you to bask in every ray of perfect love…

joy, connection, the Divine,

pristine sunshine-

and brokenness is part of the deal.

Storms come,

and the fullness of life will break your heart.

There’s only one way for your spirit to soar –

you have to be willing to go there.

The journey starts with a prayer and a yes.

Once you have the courage to step into the mystery,

grace will carry you through it all.


Having an open heart around some people can feel

like forgetting to shut the front door during a monsoon.

All the leaves, mud and dirty water rush in …

soaking every crevasse with filth.

It’s not your fault, but you’re stuck cleaning up

ridiculous emotional messes.

People are like storms sometimes –

cyclones of selfishness, spinning out of control …

shooting debris of chaos in every direction.

We need to be like meteorologists of our own souls,

so we know when it’s safe to open up.

We also need to remember it’s okay to use the dead-bolt.

It’s our job as prayer warriors to love everyone,

not to let them destroy us.

Own your sensitivity

It’s crazy, but it’s true –

I have to warn you.

They’ll literally try to talk you out of being yourself-

they’ll go to dramatic lengths to complete this task.

It’s like they have an advertising campaign specifically designed to silence you, but

don’t let them fool you.

Trust me:

There is no such thing as being too sensitive.

It’s impossible to feel things too deeply

or care about people too much.

You can’t be too loving or kind or gentle.

These are just fairy tales they make up.

They try to silence us, so

they don’t have to do the hard work of opening their hearts too.

You can love them,

but you have to protect yourself.

You can forgive them,

but you cannot let them steal your voice.

It takes courage to have a soft heart in a hard world.

It takes consciousness to stand in the truth that we’re the brave ones.


An invitation to believe

I can’t carve rich canyons out of plain brown deserts

or paint starry skies with aurora borealis.

I don’t have the genius to invent pudgy baby fingers

or the joy of squishy pug dog faces.

I certainly can’t draw crowds of believers to me or

create safe pathways through a raging sea.

I don’t know how to heal the ravages of chronic disease

or multiply your humble offerings …

I can’t do any of these things, but I know who can.

And I can call to Him from where I stand.

He’s always waiting with a heart full of unconditional love

and a giant bag of miracles,

ready to lavish His grace on me.

I can praise Him with my words;

I can invite His Spirit to live in the depths of my being;

I can stand in His truth like a fortress;

I can trust Him entirely.

And maybe by sharing my faith,

I can help you trust Him a little more too.


Divine harvest

Prayer is like reaching into the heavens with both hands –

picking stars like apples,

and tossing them down to the children.

Meditation is like feasting on stardust for dinner,

until you are totally fulfilled.

Why don’t we spend more time harvesting the magic God created for us?

The Kingdom is truly right here.

How can I help you realize it?

Our most precious gifts

Children have the power to remind us what freedom feels like.

With playfulness,


and chubby-cheeked foolishness,

they’re constantly inviting us

to fall back in love with innocence.

If we follow their lead,

they can gently guide us back into the essence of who we were created to be.

Our hearts can thaw …

We can rediscover our authenticity …

We can live and love ever more fully.

When we don’t allow them to resurrect our spirits,

we run a risk of burying theirs.

Let’s wake up together,

accepting one sweet gift at a time.


Planted in darkness

All I wanted was the light,

but all I could see was darkness.

In every direction, I searched and

discovered more soil and worms.

So I shifted my attention away from the world around me

and turned inward.

I focused on the only good thing I could think of:

my desire for the light,

and my longing for it grew.

It continually expanded

until I suddenly found myself

bursting through a surface I didn’t know existed,

into a greater radiance than I’d ever imagined.

Within me, all around me …

everything shined with love.

All of creation encouraged me to bloom.

I wouldn’t trade my experience underground for anything.

How else would I have discovered what I’m made of?

How else could I realize how powerful I am?

I’ll spend the rest of my life planting seeds of light

and watching them grow.