Definition of faith

Faith is being content to wait

in the desert of sweltering heat,

watching the world go dancing by in a cool breeze-

without abandoning your post.

Faith is the invisible candy so sweet

you’d turn down 7,000 glamorous invitations-

to savor a single piece, in solitude.

If you hold onto your faith long enough,

it becomes an eternal spring of freedom,

welling up all around you-

carrying you to distant lands of indescribable bounty.


faith definition poem

A mystic’s prayer

I love sneaking away from the crowd to find a quiet place,

where I can gaze at the moon or lose myself

in a love letter,

delivered by ripples of light on the tide.

I love the gentle connection between water and land,

as each wave of Deep Blue Divine finds a way to splash uniquely onto earth.

I will never get tired of listening and waiting for Your messages in prayer, Lord.

Thank You for letting me sense Your presence in the beauty of nature.

Thank You for drawing me  into awareness of Your gorgeous light all around me.

Help me learn to trust that You made me this way for a reason, Lord.

Give me the grace to open up to an even deeper connection with Your love

and power that shapes the world.

Transform me into one of Your beautiful creations –

that points always to Your glory like the stars.



Sunrise prayer

You are the Golden Sun rising in the east,

and I am barefoot walking toward your glow.

I feel the warmth of Your perfect love on my skin,

and I carry on.

Thank You Lord – for creating me.

Thank You for leading me into the mystery of Your light.

Dandelion prayers

When we whisper genuine prayer intentions,

we blow dandelion seeds of love

into a gentle summer breeze,

which disperses them to exactly where they’re most needed.

When we pay attention,

we begin to notice how they grow by grace

into beauty,

which covers the earth with sunshine.

dandelion field



Power of prayer

Prayer isn’t a magic wand,

but it can be an eternal elixir.

We can’t control the way God answers us, but

we can open up to Divine possibilities.

Even when He says no to our outrageous demands

and gently redirects us to a greater plan,

He gives us an opportunity to drink in His spirit

that fills us with joy and celestial sweetness. 

Even when we don’t get what think we want from God,

we’re lavished with graces and

gradually transformed into the essence

of who He created us to be.

Through prayer,

God forms us into winged beings, who are

kind enough, gentle enough, empty enough

and filled with enough of His spirit

to soar across the threshold into a Heavenly Kingdom

and swoop back again,

bearing infinite treasures to lavish on the people we love,

which is what we really wanted all along.

All you need to do is persist in prayer

and drink in the graces-

You really can trust this process.


Divine harvest

Prayer is like reaching into the heavens with both hands –

picking stars like apples,

and tossing them down to the children.

Meditation is like feasting on stardust for dinner,

until you are totally fulfilled.

Why don’t we spend more time harvesting the magic God created for us?

The Kingdom is truly right here.

How can I help you realize it?

Living for eternity

We’d like to think it’s about marching into the world like soldiers

and taking control,

but it’s not:

It’s about letting go.

To manifest our highest potential in this world,

we must hand ourselves over to the designs of Another.

Our agendas are small-minded specs,

compared to the glory of His expanse.

I hope you open your heart in prayer –

I hope you live big and say yes.

I hope you let Infinite Wisdom stretch you

into a vessel of Divine Truth.