Deeper Life: How radical is your faith?

Go ahead, and throw your mud into my water –your stones too. This river is going to keep on flowing downfrom further up than we can seebeyond the clouds- pristine and pure,sunshine mixed with stardust, grace and power –and it won’t ever stop pouring into this wilderness,softening the rough edges of jagged rocks,creating a path […]

Simple Faith: How to be fierce and free.

I danced with Lightning,and I couldn’t stop laughing. He was so wild! As we zig zag bounded across the sky, something heavy lifted off me,and I became Lightning too – fierce and free,like I am now. Never forget: Take timeto dancewith whoyou want to be. We become, who we dance with. Okay, that’s a little […]

For those, who are grieving right now

When your life becomes a shadow of its former self,an aching pit howling in the center of your chest,a desperate gasping for each breath,a with-all-you’ve-got willing of yourself to take the next step. When you becomean empty longing for the Light,barely afloat in an endless black pool with no stars hovering aboveand no beacons of […]

Stand Tall Anyway. Catching my breath after yet another horrific mass shooting …

There are no words,just this grief that isn’t minebut is at the same time. How can I live in a world like this, where I can’t controlwho allows black oil to pump through their veins –slippery rage,explosive blindness …How does a handsome young man become a murderous machine? How do I breathe as the magnitude […]

Embracing the miracle of our interconnectedness across time and space

Hey, you with the silver hair and the heavy heart –I am taking you with me.Up to the heightsold friend,brother,you.Yes, you –Just let goof the shackles, and rise with me.Can you see they are falling off?Can you feel the shift in the atmosphere?I’ll wait as long as it takes for you to realize – I’m […]

Spiritual Journey: Listen to the deep callings of your soul, no matter what.

There is something in methat simply won’t takeanother step. It’s like a shaggy black dog on a hot day in my soul,and it just. won’t. move. When I feel my deep heart pantingfor a glass of water, some shade,and someone to carry me home –I have learned it’s best to listen. I don’t want to […]

Encouragement for when you’re feeling buried alive in life’s struggles

Beneath the boulders,I am with you. I see how heavy they are, how trapped you feel,how powerless you are to escape this burden. I am with youas you peek through the cracks into the light and wonder what sunshine would feel like on your forehead again. I am with you as you struggle against the […]

When you’re struggling to regain faith after a traumatic experience

All I can feel is the splintered edgesof the gaping hole in my heartwhere the bomb went off, but I’m looking out at radiant moon,rich silky night littered with starshine,framed by shifting tapestries of luminescence –and I know there is a God. Even here in this deep groove carved out by the horrors that have […]

Simple Faith: Open your heart to the joy of life

She opened her heart to a joy so wide the hills turned to dust, and the mountains made way for river of loveto flow in from another dimension. Teaming with life,it roared through her heart into a new generation,and they became connectedto an endless ocean. There is a miracle that flowsthrough the heart of woman. […]

An invitation to explore under the surface of your life

Walk with me, Lordinto the deep chambers of my soul – I want to seeunder the surfaceof my life. Take my handthrough these mysterious corridors. I need your lightto find my waythrough this acheinto the infinite fieldof possibilities. I need your presenceto spark miraculous transformation. Mark 4 21-25 He said to them, “Do you bring […]