Deeper Life: In the Heart of God

Slow and steady like the beating of a drum,from the depths –You call. In You,I discover a landscapethat is always responsiveyet unchanging –completely secure,yet full of surprises. You are the diamond brilliance of stars like a crown,the silky petals of a rose closing all around,the fresh blanket of snow that isn’t cold, a wellspring of […]

Spiritual Journey: When you need to shift from fear into faith

Sometimes I forget the power that livesinside of me. My heart turns to static,and I tune into anxiety,while the Kingdom of God hums patiently all around me. The truth is, I am a daughter of eternity. I can weave the frailty of my presenceinto the grandeur of Yours. I can lay my headon Your heartand […]

Deeper Life: An invitation to fully live

Daughter,I hope you dancewith the Author of Life. Feel free always,please. Sway with the tips of trees, and listen to the whispers of winds. Allow laughter to pour freely through you like a wild river of lifethrough dust,always creating something new … I hope you rest your eyes as sweet peace rises like the sun […]

Spiritual Journey: When you’re not sure what God is calling you to do

It’s true,you wouldask me to walk off the edge of a cliff,wouldn’t you? That’s how you are. I shouldn’t be surprisedby your outrageous demands at this point. Of course, you wouldn’t let me fall.You’d be there to bear me up on eagle’s wings into the dawn like always- I believe that, I really do. But […]

Spiritual Journey: When you discover the name above all names

I found You in the mud,trod upon andhiddenbut not broken –a diamond buried in a quicksand of judgement,derision, gossip, fear, indifference and lies – shining anyway,from withinjust brightly enough to catch my eye through it all –encapsulated safely in the wombof Your own power. I cleaned You and placed You gleamingon the highest shelf of […]

Unite in Prayer for Peace

The world can’t give you what you really want. Be careful about even looking out therefor too long at the chaos you can’t control – like a tornado,it will uproot your life …and send you spinning off into the distance away from everything you’ve been hoping foreven after all you’ve done. Peace startsin the basement,within […]

Always Remember! You are a gift, and your story matters

Beneath the rubbleof the worst thingthat ever happened to you,your biggest mistakeand the unbearable weight of your grief is the shiny gemof who you have always beenand what you are meant to create –Let’s move boulders and dig her out together.Let’s dust off the remnants of what’s passed,so she can finally baskin the Light. The […]

Deeper Life: Cultivating total transparency with God

When you pray,be openas the entirety of earth,and allow miraculous love like rainto fallinto the cracksof your dry valleys andsoak into the depths of your soil. Don’t hideyour active volcanoes from the powerthat can diffusemolten lavaand transformdusty old cratersinto reservoirs that overflow. Let grace wash away the mildew of ordinary life,and replace it with fresh […]

Spiritual Journey: When you need a little rest

Today,I am going to stop trying so hard to do it right,and I’m going to trust divine handsenoughto lay downin the valley and restfor a little while. On my backwith a patch of wildflowers growing all around me,I am going to sinkinto the deep comfortof my rootsand allow myselfto be nourishedby the depths of earthand […]

Deeper Life: Cultivate a merciful heart in a cruel world

Sometimes I wishI couldn’t see the broken heartinside the one who’s breaking me. It’s hardto digestthe poisonof another’s creation, but I can’t just get madand wash my handsclean – the problem is I’ve noticedhow crushing this world can be, how we get caught upin rip tides we didn’t see,how shaky our footing was to begin […]