Simple Faith: Focus on Christ’s Miraculous Healing Power

All He had to do was walk through crowds, and people were healed, forever illumined by the Light of His presence … Miracles dance out of the shadows, when they sense the greatness of God nearby … Freedom spreads like wildfire, when sparked by His love … All He has to do is be Himself, […]

Pray the Gospel: Let Your Light Shine

Remember where your Light came from, and shine ever more brightly into the deep dark starvation of this world.   This poem was inspired by the following scripture: Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reading 1 IS 58: 7-10 Thus says the LORD: Share your bread with the hungry, shelter the oppressed and the homeless; clothe […]

Spiritual Journey: When you’re facing a series of obstacles

When we’re being pounded by wave after unrelenting wave, it’s impossible to think much less fathom God’s plan … But later when a wandering soul finds us at the edge of ocean, rough edges polished into smooth stone peace, warmed by the sun – a miracle washed ashore from the depths … we can begin […]

Prayers to Light Your Path: The Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary

just another heart pierced by the sorrows of this world, open enough notice I’m not alone, joined with the chorus of longing for a love big enough to heal the ache just another soul seeking wisdom from our Divine Mother, who has been through it all and more and is miraculously still overflowing with grace […]

Deeper Life: Strengthen your faith through empathy

To pray, just gather the sorrows of this world into your heart like roses until they are too heavy to carry alone, then you can finally learn to experience the joy of surrender.   Psalm 34:18 “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” In this world of […]

Pray the Gospel: Be my Light

Be my Light in the darkness I’m walking through. Be the Light in my sorrow. Be the Light in my joy Be our Light in the darkness we’re walking through. Be the Light in our sorrow. Be the Light in our joy. We are all on this journey together, climbing higher unless we fall … […]

Deeper Life: Choosing to grow spiritually through times of grief

When sorrow barges through the door of my heart like an unwelcome guest, I have learned to take a deep breath and welcome her as the clumsy cleaning crew she is, here only to sweep out cobwebs and dust, to freshen up the arrangement of furniture and clear out the superficial things I don’t need (or […]

Unite in Prayer with St. Gertrude the Great’s Prayer for Souls

In the Catholic tradition, it is considered a Spiritual Work of Mercy to Pray for the Living and the Dead. Jesus promised Saint Gertrude the Great that 1,000 souls would be freed from purgatory and sent into heaven every time this prayer is said with genuine affect: Eternal Father, I offer You the most Precious […]

Inner Workout: Persevere in prayer through heartache

If you search in the darkest parts of the ache and keep vigil, watching, waiting, opening your heart in prayer … inviting Love to work Her glorious way through everything else going on in there … one day, you’ll notice something that shimmers in the shadows, a glitter, a gold, a presence, a peace, a […]

For those who are grieving, lonely or struggling with difficult family dynamics through the holidays …

There is a greater love than the one you can see right now. There is a greater joy than the one you can feel. There is a greater celebration happening all around you, just beyond this thin veil… You are not alone in the crowd. You are not forgotten in this season of Light. You […]