Just a Reminder: You are being carried in your Heavenly Father’s arms.

After shopping last night, I found myself without a coat, lugging 6 bags of groceries and facing the challenge of walking through a total downpour to get into my minivan. Internally, I grumbled. It was cold, I didn’t feel like getting wet, and I didn’t want to deal with soggy bags of food. At that […]

Power of Prayer: How the Divine Mercy Chaplet healed my broken heart

If you could glimpse into my soul, you’d see a cavernous scar chiseled by darkness and filled with rays of glorious Light. You’d see my deepest wound stitched with radiant threads, golden and sealed with the grace of Divine Mercy. Who would I be without Your generosity, Lord? Where would I be without the depths […]

Spiritual Journey: Moving through trauma into a stronger connection with God

The harshest realities on earth are like shortcuts to the Divine. In the same way that Christ’s suffering on the cross ultimately led to His resurrection and ascent into heaven, good can come out of our own personal suffering too. Of course, we want to avoid pain as much as possible because we’re human. But […]

Pure Guidance: A Thomas Merton prayer for when you feel lost …

Have you ever found yourself praying for clarity on the next step you should take in life, without receiving the answers you’re hoping for?    I sure have.    The more clearly I intend to surrender my life to God’s will, the more I am asked to relinquish control of my choices. On my spiritual […]

Prayers to Light Your Path: When you have to say a final good-bye

I’m going to hold onto your hand for as long as I can – Then I’m going to hold onto your spirit forever.  I don’t believe in goodbyes,  just love – and a God with the power to unite hearts beyond time and space, in a pure eternal connection. Will you whisper secrets about heaven into my […]

Spiritual Journey: It’s okay to ask for help

Do you really need to lug that boulder up the mountain all by yourself? Shoulders sagging, spirit wilting in the hot sun … What would happen if you put it down for a moment and called out to your Father for help? What would happen if you opened your heart in prayer? Do you believe in […]

Encouragement to stay on the path of Love

The more books I read and people I meet; the older I get and wiser; The more I learn and study and grow … The more I commune with God in prayer and consult with mentors, who are further along the path toward God … The longer I journey along that same road, the more deeply I realize  […]

Deeper Life: Live With Intentionality

What do you do with your love in this broken world? Who do you pour it into? Why did you choose those particular people? What form does your love take? How much do you hold back out of fear there won’t be enough left for yourself? Where do you go to replenish your supply? Are […]

Simple Faith: The Transformational Power of Prayer

I decided to make time for the Timeless, and it has transformed every aspect of my life. Nothing is mundane anymore. Here and now, where “reality” competes for my full attention – when I open my heart into Eternity, life sparkles again. Everything is possible because God has captivated my attention. Above and beyond the […]

Spiritual Journey: Be Guided by Love

Yesterday, Love invited me to have lunch with my daughter – it was a delight to gaze into her eyes like oceans, sparkling with joy and life – I swear there was glitter spilling out of her soul, pure sunshine in her presence … Then, Love kept me up all night with my son, who […]