Deeper Life: How God heals us through the storms of life

Remember after the last storm? We couldn’t believe how suddenly the air became so crisp and clear … Remember how we marveled at the rainbow that appeared like magic out of thin air? and the sun that rose up more radiantly than we’d ever seen? I love how lightning blazes paths of fierce beauty in […]

You are invited to join my Contemplative Prayer Circle

You are invited to experience the infinite Love of God for yourself. Your messy heart is welcome at this table, this banquet, this feast. Here, there is more than enough to go around … rest and grace and peace galore, invisible riches beyond your imagination. Here at this table, your soul can finally open up […]

Spiritual Journey: When You’re Feeling Vulnerable

I wish I could whisper to the caterpillar about transformation. After she crawls into her cocoon, while she’s turning into mush, before she’s heard a word about wings. As she begins the process of fully digesting herself,  I want to tell her it’s okay to be nothing right now.  I want to tell her she […]

Simple Faith: Open up into the Light

Like a flower blooms in the spring, so can your heart. Where is the Light in your life? What high force is calling you to open up? Are you facing the right direction? Is something standing between you and the illumination you need? Are you spending enough time basking in pure love? In the same […]

Encouragement to climb higher in your faith life

You can have a comfortable life if you want one. A little to the left of the Truth, you can settle down and enjoy beautiful views of the mountain, clean water, a breeze … You can survive for a long time in the shadow of untouchable majesty and even have some peace. But isn’t there […]

Spiritual Journey: Through the seasons of life

When it’s been winter for so long you’ve forgotten the smell of flowers, the color of grass and the whisper of a warm breeze … When earth has been frozen for so long, you’ve forgotten your aversion to the bitter cold and found your peace in the barren wasteland … When you’ve embraced the palette […]

Deeper Life: When your struggles are invisible

When no one can see the suitcase  strapped to your back, and no one understands the bricks  of pain inside … When it’s hard to stand under the pressure, much less climb … When all the world is zipping happily on by, and you’re barely able to breathe – much less place one foot forward at a […]

Encouragement to step into the Light of Christ

I am taking off my sunglasses. I am stepping out of the shadows. I want to see this glistening, golden, gorgeous Light for myself … I want to know: Can I keep my eyes open in the face of God’s Glory? How much of this Radiant Love can I stand? At 5 months old, it’s […]

Prayers to Light Your Path: For your walk through dark times

The darker the road we travel, the more we can learn to depend on the Light within Luke 17:21 “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” As you journey through this dark time of your life, I pray you can become increasingly aware of the Light of Christ in you and all around you, […]

Spiritual Journey: Transform Your Life Into a Living Prayer

Isn’t this a prayer? to laugh and soak in the sunshine, to play? to take in hearty gulp after gulp of fresh air? to hold a loved one in your arms cheek to cheek, sweetness to sweet? to open your heart so wide it aches for someone else’s pain? to reach your limits and be left […]