Encouragement for when you’re feeling buried alive in life’s struggles

Beneath the boulders,I am with you. I see how heavy they are, how trapped you feel,how powerless you are to escape this burden. I am with youas you peek through the cracks into the light and wonder what sunshine would feel like on your forehead again. I am with you as you struggle against the […]

When you’re struggling to regain faith after a traumatic experience

All I can feel is the splintered edgesof the gaping hole in my heartwhere the bomb went off, but I’m looking out at radiant moon,rich silky night littered with starshine,framed by shifting tapestries of luminescence –and I know there is a God. Even here in this deep groove carved out by the horrors that have […]

Simple Faith: Open your heart to the joy of life

She opened her heart to a joy so wide the hills turned to dust, and the mountains made way for river of loveto flow in from another dimension. Teaming with life,it roared through her heart into a new generation,and they became connectedto an endless ocean. There is a miracle that flowsthrough the heart of woman. […]

An invitation to explore under the surface of your life

Walk with me, Lordinto the deep chambers of my soul – I want to seeunder the surfaceof my life. Take my handthrough these mysterious corridors. I need your lightto find my waythrough this acheinto the infinite fieldof possibilities. I need your presenceto spark miraculous transformation. Mark 4 21-25 He said to them, “Do you bring […]

Angels, children, and the greatest opportunity we can ever have

Oh my goodness, look at them! Your babiesare so precious-they are divine. The way the light shines through their eyes …their sweet smiles –they are sugar kids,miracles,darlings,diamond sweetsunshine, wow! just look at them, your babies. little miracles – you are so blessed to be their mom! Once when I was a newish mom and had […]

Faith in Action: Caring for the Environment

Everyone wants to bask in the glory of my sunriseand dip their toes in my sparkling waters,but who will travel to my forgotten shores?Who will witness the darkness so haphazardly strewnlike a shroud over my life-giving beauty? Who will stop the poison from seeping into the cracks of my soil?Who will care enoughto uncover who […]

Prayer for the People of Ukraine

Please know,you are not alone. The bombs are going off in my heart, too. I am rocking your babies in my prayers – wrapping them in graces of peaceand sweet dreams,asking the Lord to createa beautiful life for them to grow into. I am sifting through the rubble of your broken dreamsand planting seeds. I […]

Encouragement to realize how deeply you are connected to the Divine

You are a gemstone shiningin the hands of God,naturally beautiful –one of a kind. Your darkest challengesonly exist on the surface of you,like the smudgy fingerprints of a child –easily cleared by the Divine. You are being marveled at,cleared and filledwith a Higher Light. Bask in how brightlyyou can shine. Allow yourself to be placedwhere […]

Deeper Life: Will you open the door?

I amthe steady beating of a drum,a rhythm that rises out of the depthsand feels familiar somehow. I am the wind blowing infrom a land you’ve never knownthat feels like home. I am wave after wave ofmercy crashing onto the shoresof your soul. I am the solid groundyou were born to walk upon. I am […]

Spiritual Journey: Walking by the light of faith

You are true fire. Nothing compares to the atmosphereof your light. I’d rather walk in the glowof your lovemoment by moment,blind to the distance beyond –than see for miles by artificial light. You are a filter of mercy,a cocoon of grace,an illumination worthyof my deepest commitment. You show us everything we need to see at […]