Encouragement to persevere in faith, hope and love

I wandered through the desert until I found a trickle of water, which I followed to a creek, which led to a river, which has a strong enough current to carry me all the way downstream into the ocean where I belong. “What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” – […]

Deeper Life: Grow in awareness of God’s presence all around

Even if you can’t see through a crystal clear sky into the heavenly kingdom beyond or hear a rush of angel wings through the treetops swishing in the breeze If you can’t inhale the essence of grace through a freshly picked rose or feel the warmth of spirituality through the furry purrs of a little […]

Spiritual Journey: The path of the wounded healer

When the dust settles over that old wound again,and it suddenly feels fresh,raw,like the frayed wire it’s always been,only open andexposed on the surface,metal against metal,hot lava where your heart should be – Do you ever wonder where your Creator is?After all these years,is some strange Glory hidingin the rubble of these broken dreams?Why won’t […]

Deeper life: Discovering grace and gratitude in heartache

Who swooped in like a hawkand won your heart like a prize,then dropped it from a mile high,leaving you shatteredto fend for yourself?Who took you by the hand and led youon this descentinto the depths of your humanitythat you never really wanted to explore …Was it a death or a betrayal,an illness?a dream that challenged […]

Deeper Life: The art of surrender and stepping into the Light of Christ

I don’t know how to fly, but I know how to come to the edge of everything I’ve known and say yes to a presence felt deep in my bones. I know how to choose Love, when death is knocking on my door. I know how to gather the shattered pieces of myself up into […]

Spiritual Journey: When it’s time to let go of a burden and move on

I have affixed my sorrows to Your heart like ornaments, like prayers. I am choosing to trust in Your strength, Your glory, Your ability to bear these burdens into the Light of resurrection. James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are […]

When your heart has been shattered into a million tiny pieces

I know you can’t feel it through the shards of broken glass where your heart used to be, but right now the Light of Christ is rushing into Your soul like a river of grace, flowing into the cracks between each and every shattered piece of your heart and soul and dreams. You are being […]

When we can’t feel the presence of God with us in prayer

I woke up early and made myself a cup of coffee. Now I’m looking for You in the words on a page, in this quiet house, in my own heart and mind. So far, all I have found is my own resistance to Your perfect love, Your grace. I know the Kingdom of Heaven is […]

Deeper Life: The relationship between sacrifice and the abundant life Jesus promised

One taste, and I was hooked. Life, the Sweet Abundant Life as promised is soooooo delicious. Pure Love, the only thing that even really exists. I couldn’t help but decide it was worth dying for, and I’ve been doing it ever since with as much grace as I can manage – It’s not as bad […]

Spiritual Journey: When you’re overwhelmed and confused on how to move forward

You have a long way to travel and a choice: will you forge your own path or wait for a ride? In the stillness of prayer, we choose the work of patience. At first, it’s harder than hiking. We want to feel like we’re doing something, going somewhere, in charge. Surrender is the pinnacle of […]