Deeper Life: Invite the fullness of Christ into Your heart

When You look into my heart, I hope you see an opening and enough space to feel welcome in the fullness of Your Divinity. I am trying to make room for ALL of You … I want Your mysterious peace, your creativity, your big dreams, Your seemingly impossible plans, Your victory …. I want You […]

Spiritual Journey: When you are isolated from your community

There is no such thing as alone – not when you believe in angels and Jesus and the living, breathing Spirit of God that is palpably present with you in every moment. You are never alone when you have faith and countless saints, who are cheering for you from the sidelines of your life. It’s […]

Unite in Prayer: Start a ripple effect of God’s love, which is more powerful than this pandemic

We can’t always see the way love flows through our hearts into the world around us, the way it creates invisible ripples that extend on and on, the way it travels faster than light across time and space into eternity, the way it pours down from heaven like rain and gradually soaks us through and […]

Encouragement to root yourself deeply into faith

I want to be rooted ever more deeply in love. I want to sink my toes into the sands of Divinity and walk on earth. I want to see for myself the beauty that grows out of pure faith. Teach me to give You my whole heart, Lord. Show me how to trust in Your […]

A mother’s prayer for growing kids

Lord, You created them and have a plan for their lives. You know them better than I ever will and love them more than I possibly can. You are capable of being there for them in every moment. As they grow, as I have to learn to let go… I ask that you fill their […]

Just a Reminder: You don’t have to be God

I think it’s a relief to know who we are and aren’t … to realize there’s only one Light, one Bright and Shining Glory so high above our ways … the best we can do is look up in awe and allow our jaws to drop … to fall to our knees and invite our […]

Deeper Life: Cultivating a sense of trust in God’s plan

I wish I could reach up into the sky and pull down enough of the magic in stardust to ease your troubled mind, but sometimes the answers to my prayers arrive more like rain in a distant land that is parched at a random time … a nudge whispered by angels into a heart across […]

Spiritual Journey: When you need to let go of control and follow Holy Spirit promptings

It’s not about about having a planĀ … it’s about learning to keep your eyes on the horizon, being alert enough to notice the Divine Spark rising like the sun over ordinary moments. It’s about looking up to the heavens and paying attention to how the Light shimmers down and casts a glorious glow over the […]

How I encountered Christ’s unifying love through the Miraculous Medal

Graces like rays of sun, warm my soul. Light up this dark world, help us grow. When my son was given the gift of the Miracle that Changed the Trajectory of my Life, I happened to be wearing a Miraculous Medal that was given to me by a friend, who was a faith mentor during […]

Deeper Life: We all need inner healing

When I dove headfirst into my broken heart, I thought I’d find a clue to lead me back to myself, the way things were. Instead, I found the Spirit of God at work, filling in the gaping cracks with beams of radiant Light, pouring graces by the gallon into my soul, attaching me to an […]