Floodgates Prayer (for openness to receive more graces)

Heavenly Father,

You are a roaring waterfall of infinite power and glory flowing into the world-

I adore you, but I struggle to feel worthy of Your graces.

By the power of Your Spirit,

wash away my resistance to accepting

the outpouring of wonders You have planned for me.

Dissipate any doubts that block you from flowing joyfully

into every aspect of my life.  

Open the floodgates of my soul, so I can receive even more of Your victorious love.

Embolden my faith, and

draw me into greater realization of Your gorgeous strength. 

Great Creator of every marvelous thing,

grace me with extravagent openness to Your power,

so I can witness Your miraculous gifts pouring into the world.

I want to live in a state of wonder,

forever amazed by the beauty of Your majesty.

In Jesus name,


Miracles and Mysteries

When my infant son Dylan was miraculously healed of kidney disease after being prayed over by a healing priest, I was on fire with the Holy Spirit. My prayers had been answered in a profound way, and my world had been rocked.

Where before I had believed in God and prayed for healing miracles, now I had witnessed one first hand and had had an undeniable mystical experience, which profoundly increased my faith in God’s presence with us on earth. My life was changed forever.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: “God heals! Miracles happen!” When I did start telling people what happened, I quickly realized that sharing faith is about more than just miracle stories.

People have very real, very deep emotions and even anger at God, due to the unanswered prayers of their own lives. Many people doubt that God heals today like He did when He walked the earth. Instead of being the inspiration I hoped for, I learned that sharing miracle stories can trigger pain, anger, doubt, grief and other primal unprocessed emotions in many people, which need to be worked through.

I think this is understandable. Though I have been blessed with the gift of faith through trials, I have certainly gone through the gamut of emotions about seemingly unanswered prayers over the years.  Grief isn’t an easy process, and many people get stuck in it and lose their faith along the way.

I’ve realized that sharing faith with others is about more than sharing the spiritual highs and miracles we are blessed with. Though miracles can increase hope, truly sharing faith requires us to walk with people through pain, connecting to them on an emotional level through the trials of life and supporting their efforts to seek God through it all.

This is ultimately what Jesus did on the cross. In taking on the fullness of human suffering and even injustice, He emotionally and mystically connected with every human experience in order to redeem our relationship with God.

God has always tried to draw people to Him by connecting with us, wherever we are emotionally. For example in the Psalms, we are blessed with the full expresssion of every human emotion in right relationship to God. They help us realize that nothing we go through is new or unique – suffering is just a normal part of the spiritual journey, as are glorious unfathomable miracles.

As Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.”

Through my writing over time, I hope to share the fullness of the trials and joys of what it really means to walk in a life of faith. Hopefully I’ll connect with some aching hearts along the way and help them open up to the infinite miraculous possibilities, which are born of faith.

What experiences have you had with miracles and unanswered prayers? Comment below, and I’ll lift you in prayer, wherever you’re at on your faith journey. God bless you to live a life rich with faith and miracles, even through hard times. 

Quicksand encouragement

I see you bogged down with stress,

like you’re mired in quicksand up to your neck-

heavy laden,

motionless, stuck,

ready to give up-

I want to encourage you back into


With God, there is no such thing as a trap.

If you lift Your eyes to the heavens,

He’ll strengthen you through the process of waiting for deliverance,

and when the time is right

-He’ll dissolve-

the muck with grace, so you can climb

or He’ll send a legion of angels to ever so gently lift

you out of it

-He’s creative-

in an instant, you can be light hearted, free flying, soaring with the angels…

rising above-

or you can persevere for even longer –

-as long as it takes to embrace-

an even more deeply gorgeous faith.

Just pray through the wait, and

and surrender the idea that you can climb out of this on your own.

It’s all good,

hang on-

keep looking up-

Remember, you’re never alone when You pray, and

Your victory will be worth the wait.



When you’re under pressure

One hundred miles beneath the surface of this planet,

it takes 2,200 degrees of heat

and 725,000 pounds of pressure

to forge a diamond,

which must be pushed up to the surface through volcanic eruptions

to finally be discovered and treasured by humans beings.

In our fast-paced society, it’s easy to forget our souls are like diamonds.

Our beauty is forged by fire in the depths of our being.

Whatever pressure you’re under right now,

keep the faith.

You’re not being destroyed!

You are being transformed from simple elements of the earth

into an eternally gorgeous creation,

which will be treasured by God forever.


Source for diamond statistics: http://www.dmia.net/diamonds-made-coal/

Prayers like paper lanterns

Don’t let the horrors of the world fool you.

No matter how powerless you feel,

there is always something you can do to help.

Just light up your best intentions from deep within your heart,

and send prayers into the sky like paper lanterns.

Your faith will rise up like a guiding star for others;

Your hope will float like a beacon of strength;

And your love will by transported by Divine winds

into the hands of whoever most desperately needs it.

Even when your soulful pleas drift out so far into the horizon

that you can’t perceive their ethereal answer,

I want you to know

your prayers were, are and always will be -the light-

in the dark sky of this world…

God needs every one of them to do His work.


The process of spiritual growth

Sometimes out of the crystal clear heavens,

God reaches down and uproots my plans –

I am always stunned when this happens,

it’s terrifying.

But then, with gentle and powerful hands –

sure as the sun,

He replants me somewhere beautiful,

where I have even more room to stretch and rise up to meet Him.

When will I learn to trust in His goodness?

When will I accept that this is the process of spiritual growth?


Power of prayer

Prayer isn’t a magic wand,

but it can be an eternal elixir.

We can’t control the way God answers us, but

we can open up to Divine possibilities.

Even when He says no to our outrageous demands

and gently redirects us to a greater plan,

He gives us an opportunity to drink in His spirit

that fills us with joy and celestial sweetness. 

Even when we don’t get what think we want from God,

we’re lavished with graces and

gradually transformed into the essence

of who He created us to be.

Through prayer,

God forms us into winged beings, who are

kind enough, gentle enough, empty enough

and filled with enough of His spirit

to soar across the threshold into a Heavenly Kingdom

and swoop back again,

bearing infinite treasures to lavish on the people we love,

which is what we really wanted all along.

All you need to do is persist in prayer

and drink in the graces-

You really can trust this process.