The power of carrying people’s stories in our hearts

Reflecting on all the different forms of prayer that I love, I think my favorite is one that I’ve never technically heard of or articulated even though it’s so natural I can’t by any means claim to have invented it.

I think one of the most powerful ways we can bring God into someone’s life is to simply lovingly and prayerfully hold their story in our hearts.

When someone has the courage to be vulnerable enough to share their struggles, their trust is a precious gift. When we take their struggles into our own heart to lovingly process them, we can give them an equally priceless gift.

Holding someone’s story in your heart simply means caring enough to empathize with what they’re going through, wrestling with their problems as if they were your own and praying until their issues resolve or you feel God’s peace in your heart about them, regardless of the outcome.

When we truly open our hearts to prayerfully embrace someone’s story, we would never gossip, judge or blame that person for their problems. We wouldn’t dismiss their pain, try to “fix” it or emotionally disconnect ourselves to avoid the ache of having compassion.

As humans, our life experiences both good and bad are sacred, holy ground. Our stories of struggle and triumph are all part of our spiritual journeys, which are mysterious gifts from God.

When we truly carry someone’s story in our heart, we choose to embrace them through the trials of their life. We feel their pain and stretch our faith until it can process what they’re going through with wisdom, understanding and compassion, which are some of the most precious gifts we can ever give another human being.

When we truly open our heart to someone’s story, we are naturally motivated to act on their behalf by reaching out with emotional support, treating them with sensitivity and helping in practical ways, along with praying for them.

The more stories we carry in our heart, the stronger and more grounded our faith will be in the reality of what it means to be human in a variety of circumstances. It can be hard work! But truly, in giving of ourselves, we receive blessings that far surpass the sacrifices in the long run.

What do you think? Do you carry people’s stories in your heart as a form of prayer? Have you ever thought about it that way before? Have you ever had someone, who was willing carry your story in their heart out of compassion for what you were going through? What did that mean to you?

Please feel free to share your story of what you’re going through below, and I will be happy to carry your story in my heart! 

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  1. Thank you for your kind and caring heart, Nicky. I love that you bring out that to pray for someone, we need to take their struggles and hearts into our hearts to lovingly process them, to feel their pain, and to carry them to God. Blessings to you!

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