The hard part

Did you notice how violently the tractor pulverizes the soil before planting?

Before they can ever dream of feeding people,

seeds need a soft place to grow.

We want to nourish others with God’s love,

but we aren’t willing to be treated like He was.

It’s all part of the process.


Saying yes to God

When He tells you to rest, take a break.

When He tells you to stand in faith, keep your chin up.

When He tells you to march, go to the ends of the earth.

There are many voices in this world,

but only One that truly loves you …

There are many paths you can take,

but only One that leads to freedom …

Can you hear the whisper of His calling?

Do you have the courage to ignore what everyone else is saying?

Will you follow Him into the fullness of Life?

A reminder to believe in miracles

I’ll never understand how you stopped believing.

The sun is shining, and your shades are drawn tight.

Why are you curled up in a ball on the couch,

when lavender breezes are right outside,

waiting to gently tickle you back into the flow of Life?

The full moon illuminates even the night,

but you hide in the shadows  –

bogged down in the mist,

I can’t imagine why.

There is a glistening ethereal reality singing your name.

It’s calling you right now …

Can you hear it in your children’s playful voices?

What about your bounding, smiling dog?

It’s like a radio with heavenly stations at your fingertips;

and you’re tuned into static instead of Love.

Can you at least try twisting to hope for a little while?

I want you to hear the melody of God.

I want you to dance to the tune of His miraculous healing power.

I’m telling you, it’s been there all along …

calling you out of darkness…

You were never really alone.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blind –

The Sun will rise again,

And you can be there to see it this time.

Even you can come back to life.

What’s stopping you?

Mystical love story

The first encounter feels like a helium balloon of love,

floating us gently to new heights of peace and sweetness we’d never fathomed.

Sooner or later,

atmospheric pressure pops this bubble of perfection,

and gravity spirals us back down to the reality of earth,

where purgation starts like a strenuous climb.

A gift freely given must now be fought for

with everything we’ve got.

Really, we’re the lucky ones, who’ve even had a sense of it –

Mystical memory is etched deep in our souls,

illuminating our path and spurring us on.

The journey is arduous, but the destination calls us forth.

I’m here to tell you:

This is how you become capable of greater love.

I’m here to encourage you:

Angels accompany you through every trial.

I’m here to remind you:

The Glory of God is worthy of your effort.


The riches of prayerful silence

If you could begin to fathom the wealth of graces

waiting for you under the surface of life,

you wouldn’t hesitate to dive right into the crystal clear pool of silence.

You would swim boldly,

deep into the beauty of hope.

Even though you’re terrified,

while the frosty water bites your skin

and you imagine creatures hungrily swimming up

to devour your last resolve …

If you had even an inkling of the gemstone treasure waiting to nourish your soul in the quiet depths of contemplation,

you would never quit.

You would surrender even your breath to dive ever deeper,

until you lose yourself completely

in the sacred mystery of His love for you.

I’m telling you the good news beause someone once told me,

and I had the grace to believe.

I dove into faith and lost everything,

even my own life

before I discovered the miracle of infinite riches He’d created me for.

Now I’m alive in truth, bejeweled in dignity.

I finally realize my worth as the daughter of a King, and

I want the same for you.

The question is:

Do you have the courage to your heart wide enough

to receive these graces?

Will you take the plunge?

Related Scripture

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” -Luke 9:24“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.” -Luke 9:24


Making glory out of grief

Oh gluttonous grief, you don’t scare me.

I know your heaviness is just a wooly blanket

that can’t suffocate the essential part of me.

I’ll sleep through the sadness and prickly heat as long as it takes.

Then at the first True Light opportunity,

I’ll cast you off to rise

and shine brighter than I ever thought possible.

God has always created beauty out of blackness,

and He isn’t about to stop now just because I’m the one that’s enveloped in it.

He allows struggles as potting soil for the bouquet of radiance that grows out of them,

and it’s worth the time it takes.

Even now I can feel my soul germinating under the weight of this gloom,

ever so slowly preparing to burst into a whole new way of being even more loving than before-

If you can’t bear with me through this process,

just give me space …

don’t block the light.

You probably won’t understand until you see me shining like the glorious sun

above it all.

Do you really believe in the power of prayer?

“The little estimate we put on prayer is evidence from the little time we give it.” – E.M. Bounds

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer because I’ve experienced it.

After years of hoping, longing and praying for healing of a beloved family member, who was suffering with physical and mental illness, I was devestated when my baby was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

It felt like a continuation of the same old pain. Was it my destiny to suffer helplessly alongside yet another loved one? When would this pattern of heartache end in my life?

God decided it was time to step in and took me on an adventure of faith, which forever changed my life.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

When I told a friend from church about my son’s diagnosis, she told me we had a local priest, who was known for having the gift of healing. I took my son to visit that priest at his retirement home, where he layed hands on us and prayed in tongues. I’d never heard anyone do this before and thought it sounded like the elivish language from Lord of the Rings. It was a sweet and positive experience for us.

He sent me home with a stack of books about Catholic healing prayer and particularly steered me toward a book about intergenerational healing, which illustrates how Jesus is the Divine Physician, who can heal family patterns when we address them in prayer. I had never heard this concept before but was struck by the powerful energy I felt, while reading the prayers because I’d never experienced anything like it.

As often as I could, I absorbed myself into the healing prayers he gave me. Every night, when I rocked my baby to sleep, I layed hands on him and prayed like the healing priest and began to have increasingly powerful and undeniable experiences of the Holy Spirit, while I prayed. It was like electricity, and before long it was like I could sense a dark cloud lifting off of my son. As strange as it may sound depending on what your experiences with the Holy Spirit have been, it felt as natural as breathing even though I’d never experienced it before.

Through prayer, I gradually shifted from having hope that God would heal my baby to having complete faith that God was healing him through prayer. Though I followed all of his nephrologist’s orders about medications during that time, I spent all my extra time absorbing scripture about Jesus’s miracles, praying and reading other people’s testimonies about miraculous healings.

Looking back, I see clearly how God filled me with the grace of faith during that time until one day in prayer I was given the strongest and most complete certainty not that my baby would be healed but that he had been one hundred percent healed by God.

I was so sure he had been healed that I called his doctor to ask if there would be negative effects from staying on his medication even though he’d been miraculously healed. The nurse probably thought I was crazy and told me to keep him on his meds, which I did to be responsible. But within weeks scans proved that what was supposed to be a chronic, lifelong condition had been miraculously healed in my son. His doctors were as thrilled as I was and open to hearing my side of the story since they didn’t have a medical explanation for his healing.

I went from someone, who had hoped and prayed for miracles for a very long time to someone, who was filled with a deep knowing of the power of God to heal.

Basically since that time, I have reordered my entire life around following Christ to the best of my abilities.

I’ve shared this story at church retreats, and it was published in a book called I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphy. I hope and pray that sharing this story can help others believe in God’s miraculous healing power and experience more of it in their own lives.

I find I continually have more to learn about a life of faith and prayer, and I am happy to continue to absorb myself into learning and experiencing as much as I can about healing prayer, the spiritual journey, mysticism and contemplative prayer. I’m currently taking master’s level classes on the Theology of Spirituality at The Avila Institute because I want to continue drawing closer to the Lord and gaining wisdom to help others on their own faith journeys. 

It turns out the priest who prayed over my son was known for more than a gift of healing. He was a nationally reknowned champion of social justice, whose dying wish was for his groundbreaking work in our community to carry on. Social justice is a passion of mine as well, so  I’m also in the Marvin Mottet Leadership training academy throughout this year and hoping to carry on in his tradition of healing prayer, faith and seeking equality and justice for all with my words and actions, however God calls me to.

I’m not sure how that all will pan out, but that same “still small voice” that told me my son was healed is telling me it’s time to share my faith through writing. So I pray for the grace to do more of that in the coming year. Please pray for God to work through my words to increase faith and miracles in the world.

Do you have a miracle story to share? Witness is a powerful thing. Please share in the comments to help build the faith of this community.

Do you need a miracle? Please feel free to list prayer requests, and I’ll be happy to lift you up in prayer or provide any guidance I can. 

God, please unleash an outpouring of Your Spirit of Truth, Love, Peace and Healing on anyone, who reads these words, and bless them in the way they most need right now. Thank You Jesus and praise You forever!