Spiritual Journey: Every Moment of Your Life Matters! Even the hard ones…

about the forgetting –
the for so long
not realizing
and then suddenly,
waking up
and remembering
the Truth so deeply
in your bones
that it sings
a familiar song
like you’ve always known.

There’s something so natural
about the experience
of God

it’s like breathing
in and out,
deeper and deeper into rest
until you finally let go
and wow

it’s like a river
flowing silk over stone
one at a time
into the expanse
of a wildflower valley,
one at a time
is more than enough,
mountains towering protectively
all around.

I can open up to this,
I can live here,
I can move freely
through the world
if I remain
in the Divine Embrace.

Life is full of ups and downs.

Sometimes, we don’t feel God’s presence and can even question whether He’s with us.

I’ve been really lucky to experience the peace of the Lord in my heart. Yes I’ve done my fair share of persevering prayer through hard times, but it is a gift and grace to have experienced so tangibly the loving presence of the Lord with me as often as I have. I can take no credit for it. I am just so grateful I’ve learned to trust through dark times and experience how the fog always lifts – the lights always turn back on.

I can’t give you faith, but I can pray for you and share my story to hopefully inspire you to open up to receiving the gift of faith, which only our great Creator can provide. Yes God is here. Yes he’s with us in our dark times when we can’t feel His presence. Yes, you will be blessed by persevering in prayer through dark times. Those are simple truths you can count on. Yes, God wants each of us to have faith.

How have you experienced the peaceful, loving presence of God in your life? Would you like to learn more about contemplative prayer? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord give us the grace of faith. Fill our hearts with your loving presence, so we can know You better and live by the light of Your love. Strengthen us to persevere in faith through dark times no matter how dark they become. Bless others through our faithfulness to You. Guide our actions always, and slowly but surely help us learn to live ever more in union with You. In Jesus name, we pray.

written by Nicky Gant for http://www.uniteinprayer.org 11/3/2020

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