Metamorphosis Prayer

Lord, You are my cocoon. In the safety of Your love, I can turn to mush and be made new, emerging when the time is right- with angel wings, ready to soar. Related Scripture Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new […]

Divine dancing lessons for moms

Even as women, who juggle bouncing kitchens of chaos and children, we have the power to make a choice. Will we take a deep breath and tune in to the invisible reality that’s waltzing all around us? Will we hear the Divine symphony in our souls? Will we take a moment to listen? Will we notice the […]

Guidance prayer

Sometimes, life is complicated. I can’t see far enough ahead to know- I’m not sure, where this path leads- or that one- When I don’t know, I remember: Faith is simple.  I know who I want to follow. I know how to call on Him with a prayer, and I know how to listen for His […]

Advent prayer

In the messy manger of our hearts, help us prepare for Your Majesty to be born again. We don’t deserve You, but we long for Your miraculous presence to transform us with the power of Your innocence. Thank You for making Yourself at home in our souls. Thank You for loving us as we are. Thank […]


Having an open heart around some people can feel like forgetting to shut the front door during a monsoon. All the leaves, mud and dirty water rush in … soaking every crevasse with filth. It’s not your fault, but you’re stuck cleaning up ridiculous emotional messes. People are like storms sometimes – cyclones of selfishness, spinning out […]

Planted in darkness

All I wanted was the light, but all I could see was darkness. In every direction, I searched and discovered more soil and worms. So I shifted my attention away from the world around me and turned inward. I focused on the only good thing I could think of: my desire for the light, and […]

Living for eternity

We’d like to think it’s about marching into the world like soldiers and taking control, but it’s not: It’s about letting go. To manifest our highest potential in this world, we must hand ourselves over to the designs of Another. Our agendas are small-minded specs, compared to the glory of His expanse. I hope you […]