Becoming peace

If you want to be covered in chaos,

go ahead and bathe in it –

it’s easy to do, just soak in the news and talk to people.

If you want peace,

you need to shut out the world for a little while.

Maybe leave a little window open, so you can know what’s going on out there …

But you need to be fierce about creating a quiet space to contemplate

and welcome a visit from the Divine.

You need to be intentional about opening your heart to invite

God’s infinite love to heal your life.

I’m telling you, it’s the best thing you could ever do for yourself.

He’ll pour grace over your crown like pure water

for as long as it takes to clear your mind …

before You know it, you’ll be covered in wisdom, knowledge and miracles …

you’ll be filled with power and strength –

you’ll glow from within,

ready to march back into the world as an agent of change.

God makes peace out of people,

Then He radiates out of us to heal the world.

Will you allow Him to work through you?

The problem with contemplative prayer

When we spend time in silence contemplating God’s powerful unconditional love for us, He pours the perfection of His Spirit into us. It’s a beautiful thing.

James 1:17 says “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” 

Contemplative prayer gives our Heavenly Father an opportunity to pour His miraculous gifts into us. God is the source of everything good that we could ever possibly want in our lives including joy, love, healing, power, peace and so much more.

The problem with contemplative prayer is not with God: It’s with us. 

The more time we allow Him to pour divine love into us, the more we discover all the the clogged places in us, which prevent His Love from flowing freely through us into the world. Resentments, fears, limiting beliefs and unhealed emotional wounds are a few examples of the guck we unconsciously hold onto, which block us from experiencing healing and miracles.

Often, when we enter into contemplative prayer and start to notice our own negativity instead of the mystical revelations from God we’d hoped for, we decide we’re not good at prayer and run for the hills.  Though that is understandable because it’s scary to realize how far we are from perfect unity with God …

I’m here to tell you: Don’t quit.

If you continue to retreat into the silence of contemplation of God’s infinite goodness, He can liberate you from everything holding you back from fully experiencing His love and pouring it into the world, which so desperately needs it. 

Thomas Merton said “We are able to decide whether we ourselves, and that portion of the world which is ours, shall become aware of His presence, consecrated by it, and transfigured by it’s light.”

The question is: will you persevere in prayer through the obstacles or not? 

I encourage you to educate yourself about the power of faith and prioritize taking time to meditate on God’s infinite love for you. Invite Christ’s love, mercy, forgiveness and healing power into the darker parts of yourself, and never give up until you’re free of them and experiencing the fullness of life in Christ.

Unity with God is a lifelong process, but perseverence in prayer pays off in the short run too.  Even just one encounter with God’s love for you will change your life in the best possible way.


God, please inspire anyone reading this to step away from the frenetic pace of modern life to spend some time in silence focusing on Your goodness and love. Infuse them with the grace of motivation to persevere in prayer, even when it requires them to confront parts of themselves they’d rather not see. Fill them with Your Spirit, and give them a life changing encounter with Your Love, along with the grace to persevere through all inner healing and trials they encounter until they rest secure in perfect unity with You. Amen.

Action step 

Set aside some time each day (even just 15 minutes in the morning before the household wakes up) to allow God to pour the richess of His love into You. Try saying an Our Father or a simple invocation for God to fill You with the Holy Spirit, then rest in His love for you. Just keep returning your thoughts to God and patiently work through any distractions until you learn to “be still and know that I am God.” Another option is to read a scripture verse and ask God to fill you with the Spirit to understand it.



Prayer for lives shattered by violence

Jesus, we know You are near to the broken hearted, and we know you save those, who are crushed in spirit.

Please send an infinite shower of graces over all the innocent people, whose lives have been shattered by acts of violence and hatred.

Send an outpouring of Your Spirit like a balm of sweetness to console them during their time of grief.

Fill their hearts with the peace that surpasses understanding, and give them the strength to persevere through this painful time of change.

Surround them with a faithful support network, which provides unconditional love and leads them ever closer to You through this time.

Give them the grace of pure forgiveness in their hearts, so they can experience freedom from all anger and bitterness, which would tempt them to despair.

Infuse them with Your strength to persevere through every emotional, physical and financial struggle they must endure.

Heal their broken hearts, and help them to see this struggle as a spiritual opportunity to grow closer to You in a powerful way.

Infuse them with Your wisdom, understanding, knowledge and other spiritual gifts to deepen their connection with You.

Create beauty out of the ashes of their loss, Lord – like only You can. And give them the grace to Glorify You by their faith and courage through this tragedy.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Are you personally dealing with the aftermath of violence? Please share your story in the comments below, and we will lift you and your loved ones in prayer. Thank you and God bless.

Do you really believe in the power of prayer?

“The little estimate we put on prayer is evidence from the little time we give it.” – E.M. Bounds

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer because I’ve experienced it.

After years of hoping, longing and praying for healing of a beloved family member, who was suffering with physical and mental illness, I was devestated when my baby was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

It felt like a continuation of the same old pain. Was it my destiny to suffer helplessly alongside yet another loved one? When would this pattern of heartache end in my life?

God decided it was time to step in and took me on an adventure of faith, which forever changed my life.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

When I told a friend from church about my son’s diagnosis, she told me we had a local priest, who was known for having the gift of healing. I took my son to visit that priest at his retirement home, where he layed hands on us and prayed in tongues. I’d never heard anyone do this before and thought it sounded like the elivish language from Lord of the Rings. It was a sweet and positive experience for us.

He sent me home with a stack of books about Catholic healing prayer and particularly steered me toward a book about intergenerational healing, which illustrates how Jesus is the Divine Physician, who can heal family patterns when we address them in prayer. I had never heard this concept before but was struck by the powerful energy I felt, while reading the prayers because I’d never experienced anything like it.

As often as I could, I absorbed myself into the healing prayers he gave me. Every night, when I rocked my baby to sleep, I layed hands on him and prayed like the healing priest and began to have increasingly powerful and undeniable experiences of the Holy Spirit, while I prayed. It was like electricity, and before long it was like I could sense a dark cloud lifting off of my son. As strange as it may sound depending on what your experiences with the Holy Spirit have been, it felt as natural as breathing even though I’d never experienced it before.

Through prayer, I gradually shifted from having hope that God would heal my baby to having complete faith that God was healing him through prayer. Though I followed all of his nephrologist’s orders about medications during that time, I spent all my extra time absorbing scripture about Jesus’s miracles, praying and reading other people’s testimonies about miraculous healings.

Looking back, I see clearly how God filled me with the grace of faith during that time until one day in prayer I was given the strongest and most complete certainty not that my baby would be healed but that he had been one hundred percent healed by God.

I was so sure he had been healed that I called his doctor to ask if there would be negative effects from staying on his medication even though he’d been miraculously healed. The nurse probably thought I was crazy and told me to keep him on his meds, which I did to be responsible. But within weeks scans proved that what was supposed to be a chronic, lifelong condition had been miraculously healed in my son. His doctors were as thrilled as I was and open to hearing my side of the story since they didn’t have a medical explanation for his healing.

I went from someone, who had hoped and prayed for miracles for a very long time to someone, who was filled with a deep knowing of the power of God to heal.

Basically since that time, I have reordered my entire life around following Christ to the best of my abilities.

I’ve shared this story at church retreats, and it was published in a book called I Believe in Healing by Cecil Murphy. I hope and pray that sharing this story can help others believe in God’s miraculous healing power and experience more of it in their own lives.

I find I continually have more to learn about a life of faith and prayer, and I am happy to continue to absorb myself into learning and experiencing as much as I can about healing prayer, the spiritual journey, mysticism and contemplative prayer. I’m currently taking master’s level classes on the Theology of Spirituality at The Avila Institute because I want to continue drawing closer to the Lord and gaining wisdom to help others on their own faith journeys. 

It turns out the priest who prayed over my son was known for more than a gift of healing. He was a nationally reknowned champion of social justice, whose dying wish was for his groundbreaking work in our community to carry on. Social justice is a passion of mine as well, so  I’m also in the Marvin Mottet Leadership training academy throughout this year and hoping to carry on in his tradition of healing prayer, faith and seeking equality and justice for all with my words and actions, however God calls me to.

I’m not sure how that all will pan out, but that same “still small voice” that told me my son was healed is telling me it’s time to share my faith through writing. So I pray for the grace to do more of that in the coming year. Please pray for God to work through my words to increase faith and miracles in the world.

Do you have a miracle story to share? Witness is a powerful thing. Please share in the comments to help build the faith of this community.

Do you need a miracle? Please feel free to list prayer requests, and I’ll be happy to lift you up in prayer or provide any guidance I can. 

God, please unleash an outpouring of Your Spirit of Truth, Love, Peace and Healing on anyone, who reads these words, and bless them in the way they most need right now. Thank You Jesus and praise You forever! 

Prayer to heal the wounds caused by racism

God please heal every wound caused by racism

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. -Luke 8:17

God, it hurts to see so much racial tension bubbling to the surface in America.

But we thank You for our growing awareness of the inequality, which still persists after all these years.

Today we ask for Your healing presence to be with every man, woman and child, who has been seared by the racist remarks, attitudes and actions of others.

You know the heart of each individual, who has lost a loved one, career opportunity, relationship or sense of safety due to the hateful way they’ve been treated because of their skin color.

You know the wounds and how deeply they are buried; You know the limiting beliefs that are rooted in trauma; You know the mistakes born of pain; and You know the fear that steals peace.

But most importantly, You know the great love, miraculous healing and abundant life You have planned for each of these individuals.  

Today, we ask that You ease their minds.

Replace traumatic memories with a greater sense of Your healing presence.

Remind them of their inherent worth as one of Your beloved creations.

Give them a sense of Your steadfast love through it all.

Pour Your infinite peace into their souls.

Increase their spiritual connection with You, so they can draw on Your strength in every moment.

Give them the grace to forgive.

Free their hearts from the burden of carrying resentment and fear.

Replace their worries with trust in Your perfect provision, which they can depend on in all circumstances.

Make reparations for every good thing that has been stolen from them emotionally and physically.

Flood them with gifts that restore their souls; draw them closer to You in meaningful ways.

Create in them a profound resilience, wisdom and strength.

Transform their suffering into mercy and compassion that ripples out to others, making the world a better place.

Inspire them with a vision of hope and optimism for the future.

Pave a path for their dreams to come true, and guard them from any future harm.

In Jesus name, we pray.

What have your experiences with racism been? What healing are you praying for today? Comment below, and we’ll lift you up in prayer! 

for anyone who is battling cancer

“The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.” – C.C. Scott

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” – Winston Churchill

God bless the beloved children of Yours, who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Give them the grace to seek Your help.

Fill their hearts with Divine Peace, even in the face of physical pain and uncertainty.

Help them to experience Your strength in a special way through this time.

Give them a greater sense of hope and faith in The Divine Physician that You are. Remind them of Your Infinite Healing Power.

Help them to embrace Your heavenly perspective, that even this too shall pass.


Remind them that Your love is infinitely more powerful than any illness.

Guard the hearts of their loved ones through this; protect them from worry, fill them with faith.

Surround them with a strong support network for every step of this journey, that they may be wrapped in Your love through the presence of others.

Inspire others to provide help with their responsibilities, Lord, so they can rest and focus on healing to the greatest possible extent.

Help them to embrace opportunities to grow spiritually through this time. Cultivate new levels of compassion, wisdom, courage and appreciation for the gift of life.

And most importantly Lord, You know that we want! Please heal them fully. Remove all traces of cancer from their bodies and restore them to perfect health in a dynamic way, as quickly as possible.

cancershortprayerfacebook post

Whether through the gifted hands of a doctor or a pure miracle from heaven, we trust that You will take care of the details of their healing in Your perfect timing.

But even more importantly, help them to trust You and and accept Your Divine Plan for their life.

Leave their spirits brighter, more clear and fulfilled than they ever were before this diagnosis, so that whatever the outcome, Your Love can shine through them more than ever before.

Who are you praying for today? Please share, I’ll pray for each one individually!

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