The miracle that changed the trajectory of my life

In 2009, my son was miraculously healed of kidney disease.

His nephrologists told us to expect a lifetime of limited growth, dialysis and kidney transplants. This was especially devastating news because I was already at a point of emotional overload, feeling helpless to stop the suffering of another family member, which had gone on for over 15 years and was only getting worse. Empathic to the core, it had always been my nature to absorb the pain of others. I was crushed at the thought of my child suffering through life as well.

Thankfully, God had other plans for us. Through a serendipitous chain of events, we found our way to a gifted priest, who prayed over us both. His healing prayers sparked tangible experiences of the Holy Spirit, which miraculously healed my son and transformed me into a person, who is completely obsessed with the power of prayer.

I went from believing in a God, who is waiting for us in heaven but not really impacting our lives on earth to undeniably experiencing the Spirit of a Living God, who gifted me with knowing in a spiritual way that my son had been healed before the doctors could even tell. Through this experience, I learned to trust the Still Small Voice Inside on a deeper level and wondered what other miraculous gifts God is capable of bestowing on us.

Because this miraculous chain of events was sparked by a retired neighborhood priest, I became more aware of the profoundly gifted faith-filled souls that God has placed around every corner, who can be there for us at the exact moment we need them.

Though I’d read a lot of cool stories about miracles and the gifts of the Spirit, all of a sudden, my everyday life felt more full of possibilities because I’d experienced them for myself.

I realized that when even some of the best doctors in the world reach their limits, God has the power to heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The experience of this miracle wiped the slate of my life clean. Even though My life was still filled with challenges including a devastatingly ill family member, God allowed me a glimpse into His deep unconditional love for my family and helped me know on a deeper level than ever before that He was with me. This filled me with more peace, clarity and joy than I’d ever had before.

Slowly but surely, this gift from God has caused a radical transformation of my life, which continues to this day. I’ve spent the last nine years sharing my faith and intensifying my studies of healing prayer, the mind-body-spirit connection and the mystical tradition of the church, even taking master’s level coursework on the theology of spirituality.

I’ve devoted myself to contemplative prayer and deeply entrenched myself in the healing prayer community, learning everything I can about not only miracles and the gifts of the Spirit but the dark night of the soul and why God allows so much suffering in the world. I love to share hope in miracles and perspective when we don’t receive the miracle we’re hoping for. I’ve come to a deeper understanding of how God makes good out of our trials and blessings on our spiritual journey through life.

Through my studies, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my empathic nature and realize it’s a gift, even though it has sometimes felt more like a curse. My ability to care deeply for others is part of the disposition God crafted for me, so I can be the writer, prayer warrior, mystic and faith coach He calls me to be.

It’s been nine years since my son was healed, and now my life is full of miracles. Through the power of prayer, God creates opportunities for me, so I can live the life He’s calling me to. I don’t always understand the path I am on and it certainly isn’t always easy, but I do my best to live in surrender to Divine Will and am continually amazed by the blessings that pour into my life.

Because of God’s loving guidance, I am increasingly clear on my own personal calling to share faith through writing, praying and encouraging others to tune into the Still Small Voice in their own souls along their spiritual journey through life.

Even more important than the miraculous physical healing my son received, I think I’ve received a deep spiritual healing of realizing God’s peaceful, loving presence in my life through good times and bad.

Have you experienced a miraculous encounter with the Living God? I’d be delighted to hear all about it in the comments below!

Lord, open our hearts to the infinite possibilities born of faith. Give us the gift of true faith, so we can experience the grandeur of Your miraculous presence in our lives through good times and bad. Help us to know You and trust You, so we can manifest more of Your miraculous power in the lives of others. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen. 


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