Spiritual Journey: When you need to step out on faith

Through prayer,

God paves

gorgeous paths of graces,

just for us –

but we still have to say


to Spirit promptings

and follow

Angel whispers-

all the way into a wilderness we don’t understand …

No matter how beautifully He lays the path before us,

we’re the ones who need to take it –

one step

out on faith

at a time …

It’s a gift to even discover the road

made out of Trust

that leads

into the Light that never ends.

I have no doubt that prayer is a powerful and worthy endeavor.

Even before I experienced the miracle that changed the trajectory of my life, I was blessed with the gift of faith to keep hope and believe in a loving God, who wants to heal us and even make our wildest dreams come true.

Since then, I have experienced God’s awe inspiring power to transform my life in countless ways.

When I’m stressed or need to make a decision, I always come back to my relationship with God through prayer and meditation. Time and time again, no matter how stuck or hopeless I feel dealing with a problem on my own, I’ve witnessed the awesome power of God to redirect the course of my life through prayer. I’ve learned that when I’m willing to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and follow them without question, I’m following a path toward miracles – every single time.

Do you turn toward God with your problems or do you wrestle with them on your own? Are you willing to follow interior guidance from the Holy Spirit, even when it doesn’t make sense to you? Have you experienced miracles that help validate your spiritual connection and increase your faith in a powerful, loving God? 

When we feel stuck in our problems Lord – give us the grace to pray and the ability to tune into the Holy Spirit and follow You always through thick and thin. Give us strength for the  ups and downs of our unique journeys through life, and help us keep our faith, so we can persist to experience the miraculous plans you have for each and every one of us.  In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 


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