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Sometimes, I struggle to take compliments because I’m not sure if I agree with them or I’m being praised for something I don’t particularly value. But one compliment I received years ago went straight into my soul like a lightbulb because it was from someone I respected and deep down, I knew it was true:

“You would make a great coach.”

“YES,” I thought. “With my love for connecting with people’s hearts and gift for encouragement, I really would thank you very much.”

Way led on to way on my journey through life, and though I completely lost my passion for athletics along the way, my passion for encouraging others to live life to the fullest and follow their callings from God has only grown. I have poured my heart, soul, love and encouragement into my own family and faith community, seeking wisdom through prayer and higher education every step of the way.

I have allowed myself to dream big and follow the trail of breadcrumbs God set out for me through dark valleys that led to gorgeous mountain tops, stretching my comfort zone and opening up to receive blessings beyond my wildest dreams. I have grown in depth, faith, wisdom, perseverance and strength along the way.

As I round the bend toward 40, I have come full circle in many ways and realize I have valuable insights about the journey of the human soul to share that can be helpful to others as they navigate these tumultuous times we’re living in. Though it’s a busy time in my own life, I feel increasingly called to start coaching and writing in a more official capacity and trust that God will pave the way like He has done for so many other steps out on faith I have taken.

Rather than specializing in coaching for businesses, athletics, academics or any other particular wonderful vocation, my passion is supporting people on the underlying universal journey of the soul toward God, which can take as many different forms as there are people on earth. I want to help others unite with our Creator, who loves each of us equally and has the power to guide us on our unique path through life.

I believe God places guidance deep inside our souls to tug persistently at our heartstrings for attention, in spite of all of the external distractions that are trying to lead us away from His glorious plans for our lives. So as a coach, rather than being someone “with all the answers” bossing clients around like a drill sergeant, my goal is to support people as they connect with their own inner wisdom and guidance from God. I want to be kind of like a midwife for the soul, empowering others find their own clarity, solutions and personal connection to divine guidance, in the midst of life’s chaos.

As I work to gain greater understanding of the mystical journey of the soul by completing Master’s level coursework in the Theology of Spirituality through the Avila Institute, I am also working to receive Coaching Certification from Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coaching Academy, which will give me practical skills to help others be guided by their deepest spiritual instincts. Backed up years of informal studies on healing prayer, spirituality, the mind body spirit connection and various wisdom traditions, along with everything I’ve learned through my own personal commitment to integrity on the spiritual pathway, I am confident that God is equipping me to serve others in a powerful way.

In the meantime, I am delighted to provide support and encouragement to those, who could use a little support trying to follow their own trail of breadcrumbs.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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