Unity Ministries

The more closely I pay attention
to the Spirit of God
and the way things work
around here,
the less I want to give you advice
and the more I want to listen
with an open heart
and simple intent to understand …
Where are you coming from in this moment?
What is the Spirit of God trying to illuminate
in you right now?
Where are His angels guiding you?
What is His high plan for this beautiful life of yours?
How can I help you become more aware
of His loving presence,
which is in you and all around you
and always will be?

World peace starts within.

When we remove interior obstacles to faith, we are able to unite with the Spirit of God and live triumphant lives of love that transform the world around us.

With decades of study and experience in prayer, I can help you connect more deeply with the living spirit of Your Creator, who is always calling you further on the miraculous path of growth and transformation that ultimately leads to pure union with Him.

On the journey toward union with God, it’s easy to get lost. I can journey with you and support you to bravely walk the unique, beautiful and sometimes treacherous path God has planned just for you, kind of like a travel guide for your soul.

If you could use a little support walking through a challenging time of life or growing stronger in your connection to God through prayer, please feel free to reach out for a Unity Coaching session today. I look forward to hearing from you!

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