The Story Behind Unite in Prayer!

to linger
in Your presence
until the weight of the world
in my heart
into joy

I never saw myself as a faith writer, and I am a reluctant one.

I am not saintly or profoundly wise. I cannot quote scripture without help from google.

Years ago, I simply encountered God’s love profoundly through a surprising moment of pure and unmistakable tangible connection with the Divine, which caused a miraculous healing of my son’s kidney disease and radically reoriented the trajectory of my life. It was the most wonderful and awe-inspiring experience I’d ever had! I naturally and immediately was filled with a desire to share my belief that miraculous healings are still possible today like they were in Jesus’ time.

Ever since then, I have been trying to share that Divine Love I so deeply felt with as many people as I can.

When I began to share the story of my son’s miraculous healing with others, I was soon confronted with the harsh reality of life’s suffering because many do not receive the miracle they pray so ardently for, myself included in other circumstances of life to be honest. A lot of people are understandably angry at God and have lost faith through the trials of life.

Sharing faith was harder than I thought. While the deepest desire of my heart became to share my belief in miracles and the joy I found in direct connection with God, I realized miracles are only part of the story. In my life and yours, there are hard roads we travel along our spiritual pathway through life. God is always with us, but we don’t always feel His presence. To share faith with others, I felt like I needed to understand the mystery of suffering better.

So I prayed and I walked with people through their struggles, and I worked through my own. I contemplated scriptures and payed attention to life happening all around me. Motherhood became my greatest teacher as I slowly cultivated a deeper sense of spirituality. I began to have other experiences in prayer, and and I sought mentoring to understand the interior life better.

I persevered in prayer through desert times and experienced heights of joy. I undertook a serious study of healing, miracles, the mind-body-spirit connection, intuition, faith, theology and the contemplative life including undertaking master’s level coursework through the Avila Institute and diving deeply into the lives of saints. I wrestled with what I was learning and experiencing, determined to find the truth and express God’s love through my writing and interactions with others.

I learned a lot, and I continue to learn.

The goal of my writing has shifted away from focusing on miraculous healings (even though I still believe in them and expect to witness them through prayer) into focusing on the goal of faith itself because I now believe the greatest miracle is the gift of faith itself.

  • Faith strengthens us through hard times and inevitably razzle dazzle us with miracles if we persevere and have eyes to see.
  • Faith fortifies us with God’s love, so we can bring it into a harsh world, which is full of brokenhearted.
  • Faith helps us become more loving and Christ-like through the trials of our lives.
  • Faith connects us with loved ones, who have gone before us.
  • Faith brings meaning into the mundane and a tangible connection to the invisible world of heaven in our midst.
  • Faith carries us into the arms of our Heavenly Father when our time on earth is through.

When I say I am a reluctant spiritual writer, I mean it. I can’t tell you how shy and scared I am to share these poems that come to me! How much I have wrestled with doubt about my ability to convey God’s love accurately in a way that is helpful to others. How vulnerable it is to share my heart/soul/connection to the Divine and wonder how it will be received. How confused I have been by God calling me down this road, which is so uncomfortable at times.

It’s a struggle to embrace this calling to be a faith writer, but on the other side of the struggle, it is pure joy to linger with the Lord in prayer, and the creative process is soul satisfying to me-

It’s my way to share the gospel like we are all called to do.

Though I am not confident in my abilities, I am confident in Jesus’s and confident in His calling on my life to continue writing and sharing here on Unite in Prayer.

It gives me great delight to see that this ministry grow every single year, and people visit every single day from all over the world (over 10,000 unique visitors and 50 countries so far!). So if you are here and reading this, THANK YOU, you have blessed me tremendously with your presence.

I sincerely hope and pray the content causes you to ponder the power of God and His presence with you in every moment, whether you’re feeling it or not! It pray it prompts you to look up into the heavens and welcome a great flood of graces, miracles and inspiration into your life, so you can spread the gospel in YOUR OWN way through your own calling to love in this world. I pray you are richly blessed by your time here and able to grow closer in union with the Divine, which will melt away division in your heart, mind and life.

I sincerely hope and pray this ministry glorifies God by growing and growing and growing!!!!! And bringing a floodgate of graces into the world, ever increasing in unique and creative Spirit-lead ways.

And I sincerely TRUST God will bless you in just the way you need right now through your time spent with Him whether here on Unite in Prayer or in your own quiet time of contemplation.

I told you all about Unite in Prayer and how it’s my ministry! So what’s yours? How are you called to spread God’s love in the world? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord in Your kindness, thank you for the inspiration to create Thank you for being with me every step of the way as I follow you into this unknown creation you are building through me. THANK YOU for each and every person who comes here. You know how much I value their time and attention and want the very best for them. Please lavish them with graces and bless them abundantly on their spiritual journey through life. Lord, You know the writing on this web site is far from perfect, but You also know it is a LABOR OF LOVE born from the deepest desire of my heart to share Your love with the world, and You know it is built on little step of faith at a time. Please please work through my imperfections, prayers and time spent here to pour the abundant richness of Your graces out of the world in ways that glorify You always. In Jesus name, I pray.

written by Nicky Gant for 10/23/2020

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