Unite in Prayer for lives shattered by violence

Jesus, we know You are near to the broken hearted, and we know you save those, who are crushed in spirit.

Please send an infinite shower of graces over all the innocent people, whose lives have been shattered by acts of violence and hatred.

Send an outpouring of Your Spirit like a balm of sweetness to console them during their time of grief.

Fill their hearts with the peace that surpasses understanding, and give them the strength to persevere through this painful time of change.

Surround them with a faithful support network, which provides unconditional love and leads them ever closer to You through this time.

Give them the grace of pure forgiveness in their hearts, so they can experience freedom from all anger and bitterness, which would tempt them to despair.

Infuse them with Your strength to persevere through every emotional, physical and financial struggle they must endure.

Heal their broken hearts, and help them to see this struggle as a spiritual opportunity to grow closer to You in a powerful way.

Infuse them with Your wisdom, understanding, knowledge and other spiritual gifts to deepen their connection with You.

Create beauty out of the ashes of their loss, Lord Рlike only You can. And give them the grace to Glorify You by their faith and courage through this tragedy.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Are you personally dealing with the aftermath of violence? Please share your story in the comments below, and we will lift you and your loved ones in prayer. Thank you and God bless.


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  1. thank you. i am truly alone in spirit if not always in truth. i have no reasonable purpose to serve in this life. my life was fraught with violence, until i fled from him. now i am still running, knowing not how nor where to stop. i smiled to the world through all the pain, now the truth they will have not. i am alone, afraid, and without hope. i know my God must love me, else why was i created? but, why always so much pain?

  2. Thanks for reaching out! I love the name of your blog “tomorrow’s mine” because it shows that you are full of hope and ready to claim a better life! I am lifting you up in prayer and asking God to pour strength into you and perseverance for as long as it takes until He makes things right for you. I truly believe He’ll bring it around for you and make all things new and right, even having gone through what you did. I take comfort in the way Saint Augustine articulated it “God judged it better to bring good out of evil than suffer no evil to exist.” He’s with you through the storm, that’s for sure. And has great plans for you!! Hang in there.

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