Grace like a game of hearts

In cards, when you find yourself losing a game of hearts, you can secretly decide to accept it- it’s called shooting the moon. If you manage to lose completely, you actually win- it’s a path to victory. In faith, when you find your heart aching from the trials of life, you can secretly decide to […]

Simple Faith: Tune into the melody of the soul

I was good enough at doing the tap dance of the world – I knew how to hustle and please and survive. But when I noticed a more ethereal melody rising up from the depths of my being like a sunrise … As soon as I experienced perfect harmony and a mysterious connection to the […]

Your broken heart can be your breakthrough

 You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy. -John 16:20 Out of difficulties grow miracles. -Jean de La Bruyère Who longs for suffering? Only the saints. Rather than welcome sorrow, most of us would do anything to avoid it. When pain sneaks into our hearts like a Trojan horse anyway, we may start to notice […]