Simple Faith: Encounter God in ordinary moments (7)

God hides the ordinary.
Eternity wants to be found.
In this moment,
what are you looking for?

Thomas Merton said “To be grateful is to recognize the love of God in everything.” I agree. I don’t think God lives exclusively in church, and I don’t think spiritual experiences have to be lofty, angelic or mystical (though it’s wonderful when they are). Sometimes, I feel closest to God in the simplest, most ordinary moments that lighten my heart and make me smile.

On rainy days, I love making a big splash by driving through puddles, especially with a car full of giggling kids. I love the smell of lilacs in bloom. I love making eye contact with babies and watching dogs run, especially into the ocean.

I love the smell of pine needles and sitting on porches during thunderstorms. I love freshly laid snow, especially when it rests on pinetree branches and makes my neighborhood look like a snow globe. I love the smell of campfires and the feeling of warmth soaking into my skin.

I love last minute cancellations of little league games and surprise quiet nights with my family. I love belly laughter with girlfriends and fresh air after being cooped up inside for a long time. I love exploring new places, hearing people’s stories and seeing my kids have fun together.

I love watching the antics of naughty toddlers, especially when they’re not my own, and I love seeing women succeed, especially when their hearts are in the right place.

I believe God is Love, so I feel closest to Him when my heart is full of love and gratitude, whether I’m technically praying or not. (8)

I love so many things that this list could go on forever, but I admit as much as I’d like to, I don’t live in a state of gratitude every moment of my life. I need God’s help to stay positive and truly appreciate all the gifts I receive.

When do you experience God’s love in the ordinary moments of your life? Comment below, and I’ll be happy to lift you in prayer! 

God, give us the grace to notice all of the ways You are with us through the ordinary moments of our lives. Help us to more fully appreciate and enjoy Your love and blessings all around us in the people we love and experiences we are able to have. In Jesus name, we pray. 

written by Nicky Gant for  5/18/2018

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