Claiming the light

I know it’s easier for you to splatter black paint

on me

than it would be to accept

the oil spill

that your life has become.

I also know I’m kind, quick to forgive

and strong enough to scrape your darkness off me-

without complaining too much.

But the truth is:

I am not a blank canvas for you to paint your shadows on.

I prefer bright colors,

and I’m tired of cleaning up your messes –

Enough is Enough.

God, thank you for teaching me about forgiveness,


and strength.

Now I want to learn how it feels to be safe.

Can you send your angels to guard this sacred space

and shine Your brilliance through everything I create?

Thank you –

In Jesus name,


Angels will light the way

He took my humble offerings

and sent angels to illuminate a path for me.

I followed the pixie dust trail of brilliance blindly,

trudging through dark swamps and wildflower valleys.

Now I’m on the mountain, attaining new heights of sanctity.

The views are so pristine they take my breath

and fill me with something more powerful.

As I continue to climb,

I send prayers like paper airplanes,

with messages of hope written onto their wings.

I want my fellow travelers to find them as consolations on their own journey.

I want you to know it’s enough to pray

without ceasing.

Have mercy on others, be kind and forgive …

keep doing all the simple holy things that got you this far,

and never quit.

Do your best to follow the Lord, and

take one step into the light at a time.

He really does pave glorious roads to freedom

out of our tiniest sincere offerings.

I can’t wait to see you at the top.

mountain view

Your worth

I am the very opposite of what I’m told a woman should be.

Fortunately, I have the strength to rebuke those voices,

and I know Who gave that strength to me.

What does it say about society,

when a woman can feel the power of God’s love coursing through the depths of her being,

and she has the grace to sense the pulsing grandeur of eternal life,

while her heart still beats …

What does it say about the world we live in, 

when she follows the illumnated path,

laid out especially for her by angels,

and she’s filled with a soulful knowing

that the  journey is worth every step out on faith …

What does it say about life, when her only peril on the road to freedom

is the pressure to conform to this age?

Why do we bully women into superficiality?

Why do we try to steal her innate connection to the power of God that wants nothing but good for all of us?

This is how it’s always been.

The question is:

Will we respond with courage of conviction

or will we give in?

Will we be forged into unshakable diamonds of eternal beauty

or will be be turned into dust?