Advice from a fellow spiritual traveler

Hey, great to see you.

Are you getting excited about the trip?

I know, I hear it’s going to be amazing.

I have to ask:

What’s that in your hands?

Why did you bring it here, all the way to the gate?

Didn’t you hear we can’t take anything with us?

He specifically said nothing at all.

It’s time to board, do you really think He won’t notice?

It was super hard, but I left everything behind, like He said –

it was actually kind of liberating in the end.

I decided it was worth the sacrifice,

for the chance to fly with angels-

I’ve always really wanted to.

Don’t you want to experience everything He promised us too?

Don’t you want to taste the sweet freedom He described?

Don’t you want the opportunity to share it with the people you love through your prayers?

I really hope you can come with me, but I understand it’s hard to let go.

I really think it will be worth it, but I understand attachment to the things of this world.

I really think you’ll regret it, but it’s your choice.



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