kitchen table blessing

God, we cannot thank you enough for the gift of our family and our home.

The kitchen table is where we spend most of our time together; it is an important place to us, even sacred in our hearts.

I want to take a moment to ask if You will bless it in a special way today.

Nourish our bodies at this table. Fill our food with Your Grace, so it can give us what we need to thrive in every way.

Guide our choices to be healthy and forgive us when we don’t. Help us to remember that it’s You who sustains us, even more than the food we eat.

Infuse Your Life into our the smells, tastes and sense of togetherness we enjoy here. Make ordinary moments an extraordinary foundation for our family, Lord. Create an unshakable bond between us.

Infuse us with laughter, peace and memories to last a lifetime here, Lord.

Give us a sense of Your Presence with us and guide our conversations, so they can reflect Your Love and Goodness always.

Give us the grace to see and hear each other in an essential way, that each member of our family can feel deeply loved and appreciated for the unique spirit You created in each of us.

Fill us with gratitude, Lord for this time we share here, which is so easy to take for granted in the rush of our daily lives.

Give us patience at this table, Lord. When we drive each other crazy in the daily grind, give us the Grace for a deep breath, a kind word and forgiveness, always forgiveness.

Help us to be kind to one another Lord, give us the strength to lean into each other’s pain with compassion and empathy, no matter how we are feeling in that moment.

Make our family a blessing to others here, Lord. Open our hearts, and inspire us welcome others into this circle of trust You’re building in our family. Give us the courage to include friends and families, and help everyone here to feel blessed by Your love in a special way.

Help us to remember those who are gone here, to include family members past present and future in our conversations, to appreciate the legacy that lives on in us, that everything can be created new through Your love of us, nothing is lost, all is good.

In Jesus Name we Pray, Amen

What are your family prayer rituals around the kitchen table? We’re all in this together.


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