Prayer for America through this election process

“America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!”
-Katharine Lee Bates, America the Beautiful

Heavenly Father, can you pour some special graces on the America people right now?

We really need Your help with this election.

We all want peace.

We all want justice.

We all want bright futures for our children and grandchildren.

But Lord, You know we cannot seem to agree on the best way to achieve these things.

Please steer us in the right direction! 

Open our eyes to see through the lies and manipulations, so we know who to trust.

Fill us with wisdom and understanding of the big picture, so we are not blinded to Your Will by one particular issue we are concerned about.

Give us the humility to let go of attachment to a particular political party in order to do what’s right for this particular election.

Protect us from being negatively influenced the divisive rhetoric, which creates fear and mistrust in each other.

Help us remember our common humanity, across all bounds of race and religion.

Strip away all of our selfish motives and illusions that prevent us from purely wanting what is best for everyone.

Guide us by the pure light of Your love and truth. 

Show us how to let go and forgive for the past and shift our focus only to what’s best for the future.

Open our hearts and minds to each other, so we can discuss the real issues in respectful ways.

Give us the grace let go of our own limited thinking.

Show us how to work together for the common good.

Give us clarity to know directly from You, who will be best for our country at this time.

Help us to think long term as we vote, and give us the stamina to continue to fight for our deepest convictions, even after this election.

Fill us with courage to stand by our convictions.

And somehow make our nation better, stronger and more united after going through this difficult political season.

What are your prayers for this year’s presidential election? 

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