Making glory out of grief

Oh gluttonous grief, you don’t scare me.

I know your heaviness is just a woolly blanket

that can’t suffocate the essential part of me.

I’ll sleep through the sadness and prickly heat as long as it takes.

Then at the first True Light opportunity,

I’ll cast you off to rise

and shine brighter than I ever thought possible.

God has always created beauty out of blackness,

and He isn’t about to stop now just because I’m the one that’s enveloped in it.

He allows struggles as potting soil for the bouquet of radiance that grows out of them,

and it’s worth the time it takes.

Even now I can feel my soul germinating under the weight of this gloom,

ever so slowly preparing to burst into a whole new way of being even more loving than before-

If you can’t bear with me through this process,

just give me space …

don’t block the light.

You probably won’t understand until you see me shining like the glorious sun

above it all.



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