Spiritual Journey: From the safety of your head into the wilderness of your heart

We need more brave souls,

who are willing to undertake the radical migration

from the safety of their heads

into the wilderness of their hearts.

Don’t worry,

I’m not advocating for you to lose your mind-

I just want you to know that thinking only travels so far.

There’s an ethereal world out there that we can’t plan for.

Right around the corner,

infinite landscapes exist …

luscious pathways of the soul lead to ever more.

You can’t even fathom the beauty until you step out the door,

and I want you to experience every drop of it.

I want you to bask in ray after ray of perfect love…

joy, connection, the Divine,

pristine sunshine …

and brokenness – it’s part of the deal.

Storms come,

and the fullness of life will break your heart.

If you want your spirit to soar,

you have to go beyond the ends of what you think your limits are.

The journey begins with a simple prayer –

Then, with every courageous yes

you’ll learn to follow grace like a treasure map.

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