Spiritual Journey: When you need to persist in prayer

Prayer isn’t a magic wand,

but it can be an eternal elixir.

We can’t control the way God answers us, but

we can open up to Divine possibilities.

Even when He says no to our outrageous demands

and gently redirects us to a greater plan,

He gives us an opportunity to drink in His spirit

that fills us with joy and celestial sweetness. 

Even when we don’t get what think we want from God,

we’re lavished with graces and

gradually transformed into the essence

of who He created us to be.

Through prayer,

God forms us into winged beings, who are

kind enough, gentle enough, empty enough

and filled with enough of His spirit

to soar across the threshold into a Heavenly Kingdom

and swoop back again,

bearing infinite treasures to lavish on the people we love,

which is what we really wanted all along.

All you need to do is persist in prayer

and drink in the graces-

You really can trust this process.


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