Stay open to possibilities

Sometimes we’re like dry earth cracking,

parched and waiting

for rain to fall from the skies-

we can’t make it happen.

All we can do is ache

and hang on,

gazing up to the heavens-

praying for better days.

I’m here to encourage you:

the deluge will come at the perfect time-

just don’t give up.

Faith is being grateful for an outpouring of love in advance and

opening your parched self up to receive it,

reaching for it with every aching thing you’ve got

and praying the same for others.

Imagine how mercy will feel washing over your soul,

and keep hope.

Keep opening your heart into the clear blue skies,

until the floodgates open.

You are destined to be showered with grace.

You are destined to become a sanctuary of new growth.

You are a glorious garden of infinite possibilities. (23)

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