Spiritual Journey: When you say yes to God’s mysterious calling on your life

It’s like a little ball of light in your heart that glows

and gets bigger the longer you follow it –


and bolder too.

It will help to know some things in advance.

While mesmerized by the brilliance of it,

You can fully expect to be led into dark places that terrify you

and make your soul scream with the heaviness of every emotion you’ve ever avoided.

You will ache deeply.

The light will be your only consolation until it’s gone.

One day after putting all your hope and trust in it for years and

letting go of everything else in the process,

it will disappear entirely from your view.

You will be left alone,

lost in the deepest woods to fend for yourself with no comfort.

Being prepared for this won’t make it any easier.

But please know in advance that this journey is worth the toll it takes.

You are going somewhere.

Your trust was not misplaced, and

when the light comes back it will be more radiant than the brightest dawn.

You will be illuminated with every love, joy and truth known to man.

The glistening purity will pierce your soul, and

You will know the difference between who you are and what it is

Suddenly, you will be free to do more than blindly follow:

You will become one with the light.

Others will sense something luminous in you and have an opportunity to decide for themselves.

Is there any other path to freedom?


Reflection: Have you ever thought about what your calling from God is before? Have you ever had a sense that God was nudging you to follow him in a particular way? Did you listen? Have you ever prayed to God for guidance? Do you have the courage to follow Him even if He asks you to do hard things?

Prayer: God bless everyone reading this to hear Your calling for their life! Fill their heart with a sense of Your presence, adn give them the courage to follow Your voice, along with the strength to persevere through their highest calling from You.

Spiritual Toolbox: If you’re still learning to tune into Divine Guidance, I encourage you to try Lectio Divina. It’s an ancient practice of diving into the Word of God in order to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit. Learn more here.


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