Fall leaves prayer

I’m trying to be graceful about letting go of each leaf,

as it detaches from my branches

and floats gently down to earth.

But, even as I stand tall and strong for the world to see my core,

inside I’m struggling.

I had grown accustom to each one’s beauty, shimmering shelter and company –

Now I’m getting colder every day.

Winter’s coming, exactly like God planned-

It’s time to let go of comfort and deepen my roots…

I know this is a natural cycle of life,

and spring will come in all her glory

at the perfect time-

But that doesn’t stop me from feeling vulnerable right now.

Lord, give me strength for this season of surrender.

Fill me with hope in Your resurrection and mine-

give me the grace to grow closer to you through every trial.


www.uniteinprayer.org (71)

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