Deeper Life: Choose God above all else

Faith is being content to wait

in the desert of sweltering heat,

watching the world go dancing by in a cool breeze-

without abandoning your post.

Faith is the invisible candy so sweet

you’d turn down 7,000 glamorous invitations-

to savor a single piece, in solitude.

If you hold onto your faith long enough,

it becomes an eternal spring of freedom,

welling up all around you-

carrying you to distant lands of indescribable bounty.


faith definition poem

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  1. […] Like Emily, I have a sacred, achy, almost sad “loneliness” in my heart that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world because it’s mixed with a mystical almost magical love for and connection to the Holy Spirit that keeps drawing me deeper into God’s mysteries. I wrote this poem called “definition of faith” to express that exact paradoxical reality… […]

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