Unite in Prayer: For prisoners

Lord, Your love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Your Spirit can travel through prison walls and into the souls of those, who need You most.

Please find a way to touch the hearts those, who are incarcerated right now.

Whether they are guilty of the most horrific crime or a minor infraction,

every prisoner is one of Your beloved children.

You know their emotions and potential as human beings.

You know the influences, traumas and choices, which have led them down this dark path.

You are their Loving Father, who has high hopes for their future,

and You are ultimately their Redeemer.

Fill them with a sense of Your Holy Presence, Lord;

Help them encounter Your love in a life changing way.

Give them the grace of true, deep and lasting repentence.

Allow them to experience the depths of Your forgiveness and mercy.

Surround them with people that help nurture their relationship with You.

Provide them with the books, resources and programs that can train them in Yoir ways.

Teach them to pray and listen to Your voice in their spirits.

Build an unshakable faith in them, Lord.

Guide them on how to make amends for their mistakes.

Create a path to a more peaceful future for them,

and give the grace to follow it every step of the way.

While they serve their time, we ask that You fill them with an interior freedom that can only come from You.

And ultimately, we ask that You work to transform them into Your image and likeness, Lord, that they may be totally restored and live only to glorify you.

In Jesus name we pray,


Do you have an incarcerated loved one that you’re praying for in particular today? Comment below, and we will lift them up in prayer as well! 

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