Quicksand encouragement

I see you bogged down with stress,

like you’re mired in quicksand up to your neck-

heavy laden,

motionless, stuck,

ready to give up-

I want to encourage you back into


With God, there is no such thing as a trap.

If you lift Your eyes to the heavens,

He’ll strengthen you through the process of waiting for deliverance,

and when the time is right

-He’ll dissolve-

the muck with grace, so you can climb

or He’ll send a legion of angels to ever so gently lift

you out of it

-He’s creative-

in an instant, you can be light hearted, free flying, soaring with the angels…

rising above-

or you can persevere for even longer –

-as long as it takes to embrace-

an even more deeply gorgeous faith.

Just pray through the wait, and

and surrender the idea that you can climb out of this on your own.

It’s all good,

hang on-

keep looking up-

Remember, you’re never alone when You pray, and

Your victory will be worth the wait.



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