A busy mom’s prayer

Lord, You know I love my children more than anything on this earth.

I want to give them the very best that life has to offer,

but I find that I’m constantly pulled beyond my limits.

Between their needs and all of my other responsibilities,

I really need Your help.

Be my eyes, when they are away from me.

Look after them, and

protect them from all emotional, physical and spiritual harm.

Surround them with faithful friends,

coaches, teachers and mentors,

who truly care about them

and support them in ways I can’t begin to do on my own.

Fill them with Your Holy Spirit, and

make Your presence known to them in their hearts.

Give them the grace to hear the guidance of their guardian angel’s whispers,

and fill them with inner strength to follow Your ways always.

Make up for all my failings,

and bless them beyond measure.

I entrust my children into Your perfectly loving hands.

In Jesus name,



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