Unite in Prayer: For discernment

Lord, we are living in confusing times.

Fake news and suppressed facts are becoming normalized before our eyes.

Innocent people are being manipulated,

and hearts are being corrupted by dangerous distortions –

sometimes it seems like lies are taking over.

Lord, You are the Spirit of Truth and Justice.

In the end,

I know You will be victorious over all of this.

I want to carry the Light of Your love into the shadows of our times.

Please fill me with Your Spirit of Truth,

that I may have a sense of discernment

to clearly see through falseness

and dark agendas.

Fill me with Your wisdom and clarity in the face of lies and ill intent.

Empower me with Your Strength to stand

in Your Truth and for Your Truth in all circumstances-

that I may participate in Your redemption of the world.

In Jesus name,


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