Expect great things from the Lord

This week for the first and last time, all three of my sons were in the same Christmas program at school. My eldest had overcome many fears to take on a lead role, and I had volunteered to work with the kids on their lines so was personally invested in many of them-I was looking forward to a special night of triumph over fear, kindergarten sweetness and just basking in the glow of our amazing community, which is like family to me.

The principal wrote a special note telling parents not to arrive until 6, so I was surprised to arrive at 6 and find a packed house. I was a little heartsick to take a seat at the back, but I accepted it, sitting quietly waiting for my husband to park the car – at least I would still be able to see the show.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a girlfriend walked back and invited me to take two extra seats in the fourth row exactly right where my son with the larger role would be for the whole night. I almost wanted to cry it was so perfect!

She told me “a little voice inside me told me to offer YOU the seats.” I am so blessed to have friends, who listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

It has been a personally challenging week for me as well, due to some issues with a difficult family member, who has often caused me to be humbled in following the Lord by picking up my cross in forgiveness and praying to understand her hurtful behavior over the years. I’ve often felt I needed to take the “back seat” in life, due to this extra burden she has put on my shoulders.

Being invited to the “front row” reminded me of Luke 14:11 “All who exalt themselves will be humbled and all who humble themselves will be exalted.” I got the message from God loud and clear: If I keep following the Lord and doing what I think is right in His name, He’ll lift me up to where I belong where the time is right – it’s inevitable and has nothing to do with me, it’s simply how He operates.

Jesus, thank You for victories over fear, the blessings of community and the Holy Spirit. Please give us the grace to trust You through the trials of life. Help us face life’s challenges with open, forgiving, humble hearts. Give us the strength to persevere until the day where you lift us up to our rightful place in Your Kingdom. Amen. 


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