Christmas Manger Prayer (for Jesus to be born safely in our hearts today)


With all the chaos of celebrating the season, it’s easy to forget You were born in a manger because King Herod was trying to kill you, due to being threatened by the prophecies of Your power. I adore the way God guided You to safety in Bethlehem through Mary and Joseph’s obedience as refugees. It’s awesome that You were able to grow into a Man, who conquered sin and death for us all, in spite of the constant opposition You faced.

Still today, Lord – the forces of darkness are threatened by Your power. Those of us, who dare to say a wholehearted yes to You face constant opposition in this world.

As a special Christmas blessing, please guide us into a manger of our own, where Your truth, justice, love and peace can be safely born into our lives. Nurture Your Spirit as it grows stronger in us, and protect Your plans for our vocations. Give us the grace to follow Your guidance always, until it’s time for You to fully manifest Your Glory in our lives.

Thank You!


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