Encouragement to persist in faith through trials

I hope I’m there the day your prayers come running giddily

up from behind you like children,

announcing “it’s time, it’s time.”

I hope I get to see how their soft sweet hands take yours,

leading you finally into the Light that you’d sensed but couldn’t fathom-

into the Glow you’d dared to follow without understanding,

into the Brilliance you sacrificed everything else for –

I hope I’m there to dance in delight at yours,

as they finally guide you beyond your wildest dreams,

into God’s Glorious and undeniable plan for your life.

Until that day, I encourage you to keep the faith –

persist in prayer through the darkness,

and know there are angels all around you, beaming with love-

cheering you on,

hidden only as a special blessing,

to deepen your capacity for grace –

it’s all part of the process.

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