Spiritual Journey: When you’re stuck in heavy emotions

When pain comes crashing down on you

like a giant boulder obstructing your path.

When it won’t budge no matter how hard you push

and you’re exhausted from trying to find a way around it.

When your strength fails and all you want to do is move forward,

but you’re completely trapped –

lean against it for a moment, take a deep breath

and surrender.


God can send angels to roll stones

and friends with ladders to help you climb over them.

He can dissolve the most unyielding obstacles

and give you power to leap over them.

If He hasn’t done that for you yet, He has something better planned.

Just pray and trust, where you find yourself.

Pitch Your faith like a tent in the wilderness,

and persevere.

Even in your deep sorrow,

keep vigil for miracles –

expect God to work wonders on your behalf,

and He absolutely will.


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