Deeper Life: Embracing the mystery of faith

Into still and inky waters –

under pitch black skies,

I row.

There is a light beyond this darkness –

I can feel it in my soul.

It’s a mystery that calls me –

with every prayer,

I row.

Deeper and further away from the shore-

I lose sight of everything I’ve known,

and still I row.

The brilliant stars above me

reflect the twinkle in my soul –

into uncharted adventure,

God gives me strength to row.

I can’t see where I’m going,

but deep down I think I know.

In the depths of my spirit-

grace allows me to behold.

There is light beyond this darkness-

a radiance worth more.

With every stroke into the silky silence,

I let go.

With every glance at the wonder of it all,

I know.

With every prayer,

I row.

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