My spiritual writing journey

I shouldn’t be surprised I’m becoming a faith writer because I first felt a calling to write as a little girl at my grandmas kitchen table, while playing under a painting of the last supper. It wasn’t the artwork that influenced me, and it wasn’t my grandma either – at least not in a tangible way.

The idea of writing came upon me like a sudden sweetness, a breeze that settled in my soul. It was a palpable realization that I have never really doubted. I like to think the kitchen was filled with grace from Grandma’s constant prayers. That day, it found an opportunity to sneak into my heart and shape my life.

The sense that I was a writer didn’t ask much of me, but it was always there, kind of hanging out in the background of my life. Sometimes it would give me a nudge into action. I wrote a few poems here and there for literary magazines, and I wrote a lot as an English major. I also wrote a memorial poem for a dear friend’s funeral, which was a meaningful spiritual experience for me.

As an adult trying to survive in the real world, I wrote advertising and web site copy for a living. I also wrote human interest stories for a corporate magazine and designed a line of greeting cards. As a young mom, I started a variety of personal blogs and wrote for a community blog on mothering topics for several years.

Writing has always been part of my life in a positive way, but it’s always kind of haunted me too. I’ve always felt there was more to my calling as a writer, and I’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming and soul searching on what that could possibly be. I honestly haven’t known though, so my calling to write has been a driving force in my life, motivating me to continually try new things and dig deeper spiritually, looking for more opportunities and inspiration that I sensed was right around the corner.

Many years ago, I listened to an interview with a writer, who described a similar feeling of always having felt a calling to write but not having been sure what she was supposed to do with it. After years of feeling that way, she went into a period of fulfilling creativity, where writing flowed through her like  river, more quickly than she could keep up. I always stayed open to the possibility that something like that was possible for me too.

Lately, I kind of feel like I’m living that reality. Though I initially resisted my increasing desire to write poetry because I don’t think it’s particularly marketable and it feels vulnerable to me, I decided to surrender to what I believe is God’s plan, and I am grateful for the steady flow of poetic inspiration I am experiencing. For every poem I complete, I have several on the back burner that I hope to finish someday. I even have a couple ideas for a books that I’d love to piece together and hopefully market over time.

My writing life has changed a lot in the last few months, but one thing remains the same: I honestly I have no clue where this creative journey is taking me. I’m grateful to be able to express this deep sense of spirituality that I’ve cultivated over the years, and I think I can trust that if God has taken me this far with my calling to write in tact, He has a plan for it to unfold naturally over time.

Whatever happens with my writing, one thing’s for sure: the sweet breeze that filled my heart  in grandma’s kitchen is only increasing with time, and I truly believe that’s the most important thing. More than anything, I hope my own home is full of grace that sneaks into loved one’s hearts for generations to come.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Spirit of God spills out into more families and hearts through my writing though? I’m at peace with the fact that the results of my writing are in God’s hands. All I need to do is show up to the page each day and try to follow Him the best I can.

Where are you at in your spiritual writing journey? Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

God, please guide us along the path for Your dream for our lives. No matter how long it takes for Your plan to be fulfilled, give us the patience and perseverance we require. Fill us with the courage to say yes to You even when we don’t understand why your path is taking so long. Give us the grace of faith to trust You every step of the way. In Jesus name, Amen. 

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