Learning to rise above drama and set healthy boundaries

Look out, firefly

for grubby hands that like to catch bright lights

and seal them

in a jar.

So full of radiance, you can’t imagine their jealousy-

wanting to grasp a glint of something

that can’t really be contained…

willing to steal your freedom

for an illusion

of their own.

Rise high, firefly-

above their reach.

Shine bright,

be smart-

lift their eyes

to untouchable heights…

show them a path to the stars.

Each and every one of us is created to be bright lights of love in the world, like fireflies. After all, we were created in the image and likeness of God. To protect our beautiful spirits of joy, peace and unique giftedness, we need to learn to set healthy boundaries with those, who are jealous, critical and controlling.

It’s better to rise above the drama alone than surrounded ourselves with negative people, who will dim our light and discourage us from being the radiant joyful people we’re created to be. Ideally, we want to surround ourselves with other fireflies (people, who lift us up, rather than tear us down). It can be a challenge to find a positive, supportive sense of authentic community that truly wants the best for us, but it’s a worthwhile effort and an important part of every spiritual journey.

Though it can be hard to rock the boat by stepping away from the critical, jealous, controlling people in our lives – ultimately, we are able to help people more by shining as a beacon of light – pointing to God, rather than allowing them to diminish who we are with their discouragement.

We all deserve to shine like fireflies and be who God created us to be.  Do you struggle with setting boundaries and having the confidence to shine your unique light in the world? Comment below, and I’ll be happy to keep you in my prayers.

God, help us know our own worth. Give us the strength to rise above drama and protect the unique characteristics you have gifted to each and every one of us. Protect our spirits and give us the courage to shine Your light into the dark world. In Jesus name, Amen.

Firefly poem: Copywrite Nicky Gant http://www.uniteinprayer.org 7/25/2018
Image: © Stanislav Matyashov ID 2066524 | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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