Spiritual Journey: When there’s an obstacle you need to overcome

It’s easy to stay here,

wandering the periphery of life …

avoiding the big feelings –

hiding from the truth.

But how do you really feel

about an option that leads nowhere?

Everything you really want

is on the other side

of what you don’t.

The only way around

is through …

A life of faith isn’t about escaping into perfect bliss – It’s about bringing heaven to earth. As Christians, we are called to bring the spirit of God’s love into the broken areas of our humanity and the world around us.

Often, this requires us to face difficult truths about ourselves, other people and the situations we find ourselves in, along with social justice issues around the world.

Rather than avoid the struggles of life through common escapism like addictions, people pleasing, perfectionism and fear – today I encourage you to face challenges head on. Westle with the truth of who God is and what His dreams for your life are, and don’t settle for anything less. When we stand in faith, over time we see how God breaks through barriers to clear a path for us to grow in our ability to bring His Light into the world.

The journey isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

What breakthrough are you personally seeking right now? Are you tempted to avoid difficult situation or calling God has put on your heart? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

God, give us the courage to fully embrace our callings and persist in faith through obstacles that emerge in our paths. Help us to trust you through the hard times, so we can experience more of the good. In Jesus name, we pray. 


Written by Nicky Gant Copywrite 9/25/2018 http://www.uniteinprayer.org


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