Deeper Life: Learning to Trust the Spirit of God

It’s okay to follow the path paved with peace.

Sweetness leads to more of the same.

love to love,

joy to joy –

miracles to ever more remarkable acts of God.

Has frustration ever healed anyone you know?

or even cleared a traffic jam?

Next time you’re stuck,

take a deep breath and remember


has the power to move mountains.

We all fall into the trap of thinking it’s ourselves sometimes.


when we can tune in

to the invisible peace of our Creator,

who moves us all like waves of love

in the perfect ocean of time –

seamlessly, flawlessly, always.

Why do we resist the deep stillness that orchestrates

everything on our behalf?

Why do we focus on the passing clouds of our pain,

when we could relax and enjoy this glorious ride?

Saint Catherine of Sienna wrote “All the way to heaven is heaven because Jesus said ‘I am the Way.'”

On our spiritual journey of love, we are constantly tempted by fear. When life isn’t going our way – rather than trusting God, we let our emotions get the best of us and try to fix our problems ourselves. This is completely understandable! But it only makes life more difficult.

In the Bible, it is documented that Jesus said “Be not afraid.” 365 times. Why did He say it so many times? Because in our humanity, it is SO hard for us to actually choose faith over fear.

Today, I encourage you to seek out the loving guidance of Our Heavenly Father in prayer and meditation, and do your best to follow His Still Small Voice of inner peace, rather than your temptations to stress and control.

Jesus, help us to know You as the Prince of Peace that you are. Help us to trust in Your loving, gentle guidance along the path of peace, rather than falling into the trap of fear and frustration yet again. You know it’s hard down here because You experienced all of our suffering for yourself. Please be with us through our trials, and help us to trust in Your voice as the good shepherd that you are. In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 

Do you struggle to trust in God’s goodness in our broken world? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my prayers. 


Written by Nicky Gant for Copywrite 1/28/2019 

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