Deeper Life: When your struggles are invisible

When no one can see the suitcase 

strapped to your back,

and no one understands the bricks 

of pain inside …

When it’s hard to stand under the pressure,

much less climb …

When all the world is zipping happily on by,

and you’re barely able to breathe –

much less place

one foot


at a time …

When your heart is set on a summit 

you can’t reach by yourself,

and no one stops to help …

When you’re abandoned and burdened and broken

beyond your ability to fathom  …

at the same time,

You are cradled 

in arms you can’t feel.

You are illumined

by Light you can’t see. 

You are deeply known and adored

by the same God,

who created the mountain you’re trying to climb.

When your soul cracks under the weight of this world, 

 it opens

to the richest graces of another …

When you feel most alone,

you are surrounded by more angels

than you can imagine.

When you feel most defeated, 

the victory is already won.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling alone in a crowd? Like you’re carrying a burden no one can see? Whether through a physical illness, relationship problem, grief, trauma or mental illness – the funny thing about feeling alone is that almost everybody does sometimes.  

In His humanity, even Jesus experienced the pain of betrayal, abandonment and loneliness. Certainly no one else was fully human and fully divine – can you imagine how that must have felt for Him? Literally carrying the weight of the salvation of the world on His shoulders? While being crucified, Jesus even felt abandoned by His Heavenly Father.   

Just like Jesus’ crucifixion led to His resurrection and life of the Spirit, Your experiences of loneliness, abandonment, betrayal can lead to yours through faith. 

Saint Augustine said “God judged it better to allow Good out of evil than to suffer no evil to exist.” Even the challenges of life are designed to draw us into a closer relationship with the creator of heaven and earth. When we are feeling most broken, alone and invisible, He is drawing near, surrounding us with angels and the grace to draw us into a deeply satisfying, unshakable spiritual connection that is more valuable than anything else we could possibly want on earth. 

What struggle are you going through right now that is causing you to feel alone in a crowd? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my prayers. 

Lord when we feel most alone, help us to realize that we are surrounded by angels and deeply loved and supported by You. Help us to grow closer to you through our times of brokenness and abandonment here on earth, letting go of attachments to temporal things in favor of Your eternal glory. Help us persevere in faith until the time comes for our own resurrection into better times. In Jesus name, we pray. 

Written by Nicky Gant for 4/6/2019

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