Spiritual Journey: When you’re called to speak out for what you believe in

When I stand,

I want it to be up

for those,

who have been knocked down.


When I rise,

I want to carry those,

who haven’t been given the gift

of wings.


When I speak,

I want to be a voice for those,

who have been silenced.


When I dig my roots deep into the earth,

I want to grow

into a shelter for those,

who are forced to brave the elements.


When I pray,

I want Divine Love

to pour through my heart

into the world beyond

where I could possibly reach on my own.


Saint Catherine of Siena said “Preach the truth as if you had a million voices. It’s silence that kills the world.”

Martin Luther King said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

In our world that is full of so much confusion and division, how are you called to speak out and stand up for what you believe in? What’s stopping you from sharing your faith or deepest convictions with others?

God give us courage to speak out for what we believe in! Help us to boldly share our faith and stand up for those, who can’t stand up for themselves. Help us to use our voice to speak Your truth into the world, which so desperately needs Your gentleness, mercy and truth. In Jesus name, we pray.


Written by Nicky Gant for http://www.uniteinprayer.org 7/19/2019

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