Deeper Life: We all need inner healing

When I dove headfirst
into my broken heart,
I thought I’d find a clue
to lead me back
to myself,
the way things were.

Instead, I found
the Spirit of God
at work,
filling in the gaping cracks
with beams
of radiant Light,
pouring graces
by the gallon into my soul,
attaching me to an iv of mercy,
strengthening me for the journey
I didn’t realize I was on,
transforming me
into a new creation,
expanding my capacity for courage
and most importantly,

Jesus said “Blessed are those who mourn, the Kingdom of God is theirs.” But what exactly did He mean? Whether the source is grief, betrayal or any circumstance beyond your control, heartache feels like anything other than a blessing!

When we go through hard times, we have two choices: avoid our feelings or take the time to process through them. When we try to avoid the reality of heartache, we can fall into negative behavior ranging from being emotionally unavailable to our loved ones to full-on addictions and hurtful rejection of those around us  because when we avoid our pain, we reach for anything to distract ourselves and become increasingly less sensitive to the needs of others.

When we find the courage to dive into our heartache and fully embrace the suffering we’re going through, in the short run we struggle, but in the long run, we can realize how badly we need God and begin to long for Him above all the superficial things of the world through prayer.  Over time through the grieving process in light of Faith, we can let go of attachments and see how Christ was with us all along, helping us grow closer to Him in love, which is the most important thing. We can grow in strength and virtue, becoming better versions of ourselves along the way.

Today, I encourage you to dive into whatever heartache you’re going through and look for Christ in the broken pieces of Your heart. There, you’ll find His love drawing you ever closer into His merciful heart, where you’ve always longed to be.

In what area of your life do you need inner healing? What heartache are you praying through right now? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord give us the grace to allow Your spirit to flow freely into the deepest and darkest corners of our hearts, revealing areas of brokenness, which are in need of Your healing touch. Help us to become aware of not only the pain but Your infinitely wise and loving presence, which has been with us all along waiting for an opportunity to walk with us through healing journey. Help us to discover each and every opportunity for spiritual growth, along our journey into greater wholeness and union with You. Protect us from the temptation to avoid the reality of our problems. Give us the courage to fully face the reality of our brokenness, along with the reality of Your grace and healing power, which longs to fill our hearts with peace. Bless us with hope in the great and glorious plans you have for our lives, which cannot be destroyed by our struggles. Help us to grasp onto your graces and say yes to the great and glorious journey of faith You are calling us to embark upon. In Jesus name, we pray.


written by Nicky Gant for 2/24/2020


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