Deeper Life: What are you living and breathing for?

If this was my last breath,
I would want it
to be here
with You,
just like this –
simple and tangled
in laughter
with no pressure,
pure togetherness –
a family being woven
into an exquisite tapestry
out of ordinary moments
and presence.

The older I get,
the more I realize
the gift it is
to be here,
on this wild
and gorgeous planet –

It’s a miracle
to be able to take
one deep breath
at a time –
to share the vast riches
of oxygen
with so many
beautiful souls.

It’s a privilege
to inhale
this love,
these moments,
this interconnectedness I feel
with the invisible realm

If this is my last breath,
I am content
to marvel
at the grace,
which unites us
and animates all of life,
whether we acknowledge it or not.

In every moment,
in all your majesty,
You are present –
breathtakingly, beautifully here-
and I am content
to exhale

Life can move so fast!

When is the last time you took a moment to ponder the purpose of this life God has given you?

Underneath the surface turmoil that we are going through as individuals and collectively, there is a deeper truth and divine plan for each and every one of us.

For me personally, I am called into a great love and service toward my family and deep life of prayer, contemplation and writing. God’s love always calls me back into these things, and I know I am doing my part to contribute to the collective. Deeply introverted, I do not spend as much time working with people as some but feel deeply connected to God and my loved ones as I do this work. Part of my gift is to realize how deeply we are connected, even when we are apart – to share my ultimate conviction in the power of an interior life of prayer.

Today, I encourage you to take a moment to ponder: What are you living and breathing for? What is your calling from God? If you died tomorrow, would you be content with the choices you have made up to this point?

Breathe in us, Great Creator, Author of Life. Fill us with Your life and Spirit. Move us by the winds of Your love. Help us to realize Your presence here with us in this and every moment. Help us to realize our interconnectedness with each other in our human condition here on earth. Give us the grace to know the power of each act of faithfulness and love in this world, so we can spread as much goodness as possible, while we’re here. In Jesus name, we pray.


written by Nicky Gant for 7/20/2020



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