Prayers to Light Your Path: I prayed for change by Rumi

I prayed for change, so I changed my mind.
I prayed for guidance and learned to trust myself.
I prayed for happiness and realized I am not my ego.
I prayed for peace and learned to accept others unconditionally.
I prayed for abundance and realized my doubt kept it out.
I prayed for wealth and realized it is my health.
I prayed for a miracle and realized I am the miracle.
I prayed for a soul mate and realized I am the One.
I prayed for love and realized it’s always knocking, but I have to allow it in.

So often in prayer, the mountains God moves are within our own mindsets, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and perceptions of reality. What revelations have you gained on your spiritual journey about your own need for personal transformation? How does this poem by the Persian mystic Rumi speak into Your heart about your personal interior life of the soul? Comment below, and I’ll be delighted to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lord, open our eyes to the blessings we have, and reveal to us areas within our thoughts and beliefs, where we can benefit from being transformed by the power of Your love. Give us the grace to look for You within, rather than always expecting external circumstances to bend to our wills. Illuminate our paths to grow ever-closer in union to Your perfect will, starting within our own hearts and rippling out into the wider world. Strengthen us to trust in Your power to transform even our most deeply rooted patterns in accordance with Your Divine will. Open our minds and hearts to receive the wisdom of Your spirit in whatever shape and form You In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Written by Nicky Gant for 4/28/2021

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