Encouragement to step into the Light of Christ

I am taking off my sunglasses. I am stepping out of the shadows. I want to see this glistening, golden, gorgeous Light for myself … I want to know: Can I keep my eyes open in the face of God’s Glory? How much of this Radiant Love can I stand? At 5 months old, it’s […]

Simple Faith: Acknowledge Christ’s presence in ordinary moments

Today You came in the shape of an infant heavy on my chest. the sweet smell of her skin, the warm deep of her breath, the gentle lull into invisible bliss… the tangible connection to eternal calm – Sweet Spirit of God, You are always with me. always real, always pure, always Divine … in the silence […]

New baby boy blessing

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127 3 God bless this precious new baby! Fill every fiber of his being with Your Radiant Love, that he may be infused with a deep sense of Your Presence in her body, mind and spirit. Help him to feel safe and welcome into the world, wrapped […]