New baby boy blessing

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127 3

God bless this precious new baby!

Fill every fiber of his being with Your Radiant Love, that he may be infused with a deep sense of Your Presence in her body, mind and spirit.

Help him to feel safe and welcome into the world, wrapped in total love and expectation of the good things You have planned for him.

Bless his ability to eat and sleep easily.

Allow his babyhood to be a blissful time, full of comfort and peace.

Heal any emotional memories of being born, that he may be cleared of any trauma and open to living the abundant life you promised.

Protect his natural connection to You from the very beginning, that he may be attuned to Your Love throughout his life.

Continue to pour Your grace into him as he grows.

Build Your strength into him, shape his character with Your love.

Give him an unshakable sense of Your purpose for his life, so he will have the courage to follow You always.

Protect Your Plans for him, surround him with an army of angels.

Bless his mother. Surround her with a community that nourishes her with love and support; give her confidence and the courage to ask for help when she needs it. Fill her with patience, perspective and guidance.

Bless his father that he can find ways to be helpful, supportive and involved through this postpartum period, doing what he can to ease the mother’s load. Help him to bond easily with the baby and step gracefully into his new responsibility.

Help their relationship to grow stronger, that they can be unified in parenting choices from the very beginning.

Bless their finances, bless their health.

Create a sacred safe place for this family to grow in love, depth and faith through the parenting of this child.

Protect them from adversity, but if a challenge does come, allow them to grow closer to You through it.

Through the blessing of this child, give the whole family the freedom of increased faith in You.

In Jesus Name, we pray.

What baby are you praying for today? Add the name below, and I’ll join you in lifting them up!

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